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India is said to be the country of 33,00,00,ooo Gods and Goddesses.  No one can imagine how they took birth on this land where nearly 40,00,00,000 people  habituated to hunger on one side while on the other nearly 5,00,000 people are frustrated with obesity.  Later feast themselves in Clubs, night parties whereas former worship Gods and Godesses in a hope to see tomarrows  […]

Come CHANDRAPUR and its your entry into AFRESH Buddhist world.  Today India enters in 51st year of peaceful movement towards ‘just ‘society. The Life-wheel accelerated by  Dr B R Ambedkar on same day of 14th Oct. in 1956 is worth noting that brought fascinating change in Indian society without  shading single drop of blood.  This has invariably helped to set in egalitarian conditions for […]