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Following is a peice sent in the form of comment by Mohan Sawant. He observes what is best in the interest of many in India. He writes… “Indian media is most bias media. Now world media have taken the note of this inspite of this they are not ready to change teir attitude. What a […]

Read the following news from CNN-IBN and see the late preparedness of domestic media. Only after BBC had surved on the caste situation in India, indian media made a little headway by noticing it in cursary way. Such a shamefull state of affairs it is that Indian media makes it a small news after more than 30 days the BBC-World survey was out ! […]

Yesterday a poll was conducted by CNN-IBN7, on Mr Gandhi and Dr Ambedkar. IBN7 came out with finding that Dr Ambedkar surpasses Gandhi in legacy. It generated a kind of shock for rich Indians including elitist Indian Media. How and why this is a shock to them is important to analyse. Such introspection will track […]