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P.Sainath is known in general as a thought provocative author, a truth seeking  journalist and grandson of  V V Giri (One time President of India).  But quite few know him  as thinker who champions the cause. He has been writting and educating Indian elitist club on Dalit issues every now and then. He has authority in putting pains […]

Caste is integral to Hindu social life and so is integral to equitable economic wellbeing. Indian premature economist’s very erroneously seen impact of caste virus on Indian macro and micro economy. They have always denied such link. First there is literally handful of articles in this area even if they are there; they are sort […]

“Entrepreneur who escaped the rigid caste system warns that it is becoming more divisive as India grows richer”, says Amelia Gentleman in Agra As a child, Hari Pippal slept alongside his six sisters and eight brothers on a stretch of pavement. As a teenager, he pedalled a bicycle rickshaw to help feed the family. Now […]

Dalits and land


About 70 per cent of Dalits are yet to get rightful claim over the homestead land they have been inhabiting on for long. This despite the fact that almost 60 years have lapsed since the Bihar Homestead Land Privilege Act came into being. This came to light following a survey conducted by the Deshkal Society, […]