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India is said to be the country of 33,00,00,ooo Gods and Goddesses.  No one can imagine how they took birth on this land where nearly 40,00,00,000 people  habituated to hunger on one side while on the other nearly 5,00,000 people are frustrated with obesity.  Later feast themselves in Clubs, night parties whereas former worship Gods and Godesses in a hope to see tomarrows  […]

Over 2,000 people embraced Buddhism on Shramner Diksha at an event organised by the Ogawa Society at Deeksha Bhoomi on Friday, claimed the Society’s founder president Sulekha Kumbhare. Various organisations across the city and the Vidarbha region were organising several events to celebrate the Dhammachakra Pravartan Divas on October 21. Thousands of devotees and many […]