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Here is a brillient article sourced from Guardian for readers benefit. The article is not direct on India but it acts us a cue to question the objectives of emerging economies like India. In a pursuit of blitz economic growth, all is not going well, the marginalised are thrown again on margins. Last week, Prime Minster of India criticised heavily the Page-3 behaviour […]

 Following write-up takes world view that BSP uprising is part of  social movement ongoing in India . Of which political and economic fall-outs are not be confused with the indicators of overall success. As proposed by Dr Ambedkar, the goals should be aligned to world’s pursuit for self-healing(take your responsibility and heal yourself); a unique approch  present day economists are threading. ♣ The UP government under the aegis […]

Prof.Sen ,6th Indian to get Prestigious Nobel Prize has recently claimed in a lecture session : “Ambedkar is my Father in Economics. He is true celebrated champion of the underprivileged.He deserves more than what he has achieved today. However he was highly controversial figure in his home country,though it was not the reality. His contribution in the […]

“Earlier I remarked that it was unfortunate for the economics profession that Ambedkar decided to ‘changeover from economics to law and politics’ as he remarked in the preface of the Indian edition of The Problem of the Rupee in 1947”, says Mr. S. Ambirajan I am deeply touched by the honour bestowed upon me by […]

Because of the centuries of privilege that upper caste Hindus have enjoyed in India, they dominate every sphere of society “Therefore, what can we expect from these commissions?” Doss said. His concerns are valid. Dalits have no legal or political power and therefore are not able to challenge the upper caste hegemony in India. Doss […]

‘In February 2006, Randall Tobias, administrator of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) briefed the media in Washington DC that ‘US has decided to cut aid to India’ because India has become a donor country’ examines Chandrabhan Prasad. Please go through the article and comment! On February 28, 2007 India’s Finance Minister P Chidambaram proved […]