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The man of action, the man of courage, the man who lead the civilisation in 21st Century, Dr B R Ambedkar is remembered today for his thoughts, spheeches and solidarity that prempts a nucleus of Enlightened society. None of the Indian private TV news channels gave coverage to the great congregation at the Chaitya Bhumi […]

The day 14th April has special significance for human history for the direction it set by witnessing a birth of an Enlighened being. Everywhere in the world the day is celebrated every year from japan, Korea, Europe to Orissa and North East. We salute this great architect of Modern India and a role model,Dr Ambedkar, […]

 Chapter 3 : Birth Major Ramji Sakpal and Bhimabai were blessed with 14th child on 14th April 1891. Bhimrao was their last child.  Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar  sometimes laughingly would say , “I am fourteenth jewel to my parents”. Out of 14 children, 7 died even before reaching 2 years of age. Among the remaining seven, 3 were […]

Ch. 2 : Father and Mother Ramaji, the father of Dr Ambedkar, was the youngest son of Maloji. Maloji had well-built body and attractive personality. After retirement, he was staying at Ramji`s with his daughter, Mirabai who was physically handicapped.The Mahars working in Army had two conspicuous hobbies. One was of taking liquor and another […]