Caste demands Murder for Love: Castevirus003TN2017


Condemn this brutal murder!
Punish the casteist culprits, for the ghastly murder of a dalit boy!

Friends, I am shocked and immensely pained at the news of the brutal murder of a dalit boy from Khanapur in Manthani mandal, Peddapalli district, Manthani Madhukar, for his “crime” of loving an “upper caste” girl or reciprocating her love. The murder, too horrible to even imagine with cutting penis, severe injuries all over the body, is said to have taken place on March 14 or a day later, but came to light two days ago. According to reports, the boy was a farmhand working with the family of the girl who loved him and he reciprocated. In fact, the girl’s caste is listed as “Backward Caste” but Manudharma and feudal and strait-jacketed hierarchical caste system assigns “upper” position to each caste to look down the castes
“lower” to it. And of course dalit is not only “lowest”, but “untouchable”. And lord Krishna, himself, in Bhagavadgita pronounced that “swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah” (everybody has to perform the work destined to him, doing the other person’s job is dangerous) prohibiting caste mingling.


There are Manuvadis and followers of Gita everywhere and the BC family members forced the girl to call the boy to the house and started beating him before her. The girl tried to commit suicide and consumed pesticide and she was moved to a hospital. She was afraid that her family killed the boy, and informed the same to his family. When his family searched around the village, they found the dead body in bushes on the outskirts.


Pic01: His life taken for his love, cruel India.

The dead body had telltale signs of pouring acid, cutting penis, breaking ribs and forcing pesticide into mouth. It is learnt that the girl’s family is related to the local TRS MLA. That is, he is part of the team that ushers in Bangaru Telangana. Even when all the cruelty came out white, the local police, and particularly the CI, said it is a case of suicide! That is the way “people-friendly Telangana police” are taught to behave. Shame….



Citizen Against  Ghastly Caste-ridden India

His Mother Speaks:


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