Khairlanji lost its Father, Caste prejudice rejoices !!

Pic01: Bhayyalal Bhotmange father of Priyaka, Sudhir died last week..

Pic01: Bhaiyalal Bhotmange father of Priyanka, Sudhir and Roshan died last week..

Bhaiyyaal died due to massive heart attack, he was painful in his last days. He is still painful in his grave, for injustice meted out on this and to him and his family. He might be a poor father from Khairlanji but a dared Ambedkarite. He lost his family to caste hatred but he kept all faith in the Indian Judicial system that one day he will get justice.  Indian village pulled his family out of their small hut, beat them mercilessly, paraded them naked , entire village saw it , they were murdered and police didn’t believe it. Soon the courts observed silence and turned negative on caste angle. When the world saw caste here as the basis for crime, without which they would not have dared to touch the family. Indian courts ruled out caste angle. Shocking..!!!! Saying that Police did not provide sufficient evidence..What the hell. Please find the entire court proceedings here. What kind of justice is this?? WHo will have faith these institutions run by caste minds.


Bhaiyalal bid farewell to the world than to face everyday shame. Caste has taken his family, his pride and now his life..Good Job caste India..!! You live at the cost of Human..

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