Dalit Mahila Sarpanch beaten up in day light, Castevirus004MH2016


In 2012, Gram Panchayat elections were held across the state of Maharashtra. Bankaranja village in Kaij taluka of Beed district had a 9-member Panchayat. In the elections of 2012, the people voted in 8 members belonging to the major front (BJP) and 1 member (Aruna Dahire)from the opposing front (NCP). As the post of Sarpanch in 2012 was reserved for a woman of Scheduled Caste (SC), Aruna Dahire the only elected SC female member of Bankaranja Gram Panchayat, became the Sarpanch against the wishes of the winning group which had no SC woman elected member.

Following Aruna’s election, on 16 January, 2013, Gram Sevak Balaji Rakh passed a proposal for approving the signature of Sarpanch Aruna Dahire for the Gram Panchayat’s transactions. The rest of the members took objection to this and passed a resolutionrejecting the Sarpanch’s signatory rights by majority vote. Aruna Dahire complained against

the same to the BDO (Gatvikas Adhikari), Panchayat Samiti- Kaij, and in panchayat meeting of 16/01/2013 gramsevak mentioned its legally required sarpanch to authorize financial transactions.

On 26 January, 2013, after the Gram Sabha meeting ended, at the Gram Panchayat office, Sudhakar Lamb and 10 others hurled casteist abuses like “हे महारीन तू सरपचं झ्हाल्यानेकाय होते?” (Oh Maharin, so what if you’ve become Sarpanch) at Aruna and her husb and Shrimant Dahire and roughed them up. The police did not register the Dahires’ complaint for 7-8 days. Following which the couple approached local activists Ashok Tangde and Manisha

Tokale of Dalit Adivasi Adhikar Abhiyan (DA3) who reside in Beed. The activists following a dharna and morcha, conducted a meeting with the Collector. On the Collector’s intervention, an FIR was finally registered on 6 February, 2013 against 11 people including gram panchayat members under the Prevention of Atrocities Act.

Following this, a compromise was arrived at a village meeting, where Aruna and her husband were ‘requested’ to take back the FIR on the promise of the cooperation of other Gram Panchayat members to Aruna’s leadership as Sarpanch. On 12 February, 2013, following the compromise, Shrimant Dahire signed a bond taking back his complaint, which was then forwarded to the Police. The police abandoned the investigation on Aruna’s FIR on the basis of the affidavit by Aruna and her husband Shrimant.

Following the compromise, Aruna tried to initiate several development initiatives for the village (2 road construction projects, etc.) However, she was obstructed in one way or the other due to non-cooperation of other Panchayat Samiti members. Until date, the only work she has been able to complete, that too only due to her grit and courage has been a road built in the main village. Development works for the Dalit colony in the village were not even allowed to be spoken of in the Gram Panchayat meetings. Moreover, the Gram Sevak on more than one occasion got her to sign blank cheques. Everytime she protested they would intimidate her and ask her to remain within limits. Each time this occurred, Aruna has submitted written complaints to the BDO apprising him of the situation. The BDO never initiated any action against the accused; however, Aruna continued to register complaints to him.

Aruna Dahire

Pic01: Aruna Dahire Fighting for her dignity

Finally, seeing the insubordination of Aruna Dahire and assertion of her own power, the major front instigated the resignation of one of its own upper caste female members and got a Scheduled Caste woman, Maya Dahire, re-elected in the vacant place through by-elections. Following her election, the members of the Panchayat Samiti passed a no-confidence motion against Aruna Dahire seeking to elect Maya Dahire in her place, and during the meeting on 22 June, 2016, Aruna and her husband were beaten up by Madhukar Lamb and 9 others.

Fact Finding Report of Dalit Women Sarpanch

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  1. 1 mnjnths

    It’s a very headache things this type of discrimination upper class and lower class one is vegetarianism another is non vegetarian one is for nonviolence another is for violence one is for reservation another one is for non reservation and no job education and paid everything so much of discrimination since independence. We have to end up and how to improve take discussions. We have to solve everything everybody agree not on one side. Reservation is not to be permanent only for economically and really backward people only there is no caste community today everybody backward.

  2. 2 mnjnths


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