Demanded wage rise, Dalit labourer put in crusher: CasteVirus 004BH2015


Dear Readers,

Your Indian friends may deny existing ugly caste virus in India which murders 3 people/day at the bottom of social pyramid. Same friends continue to protest against the social and educational support to such depressed communities. On the top,  religion is always the brutal weapon in the hands of upper castes. Where shall they go..?

This particular case is from Bihar but there are several cases across India. The labourer demanded rise in the Farm wages (4$/Day they get) but he is put into crusher, where he was cut into pieces by the sharp blades of the crusher.The family and his community is terrorised.  In Bihar, killing licence is in the hands of  Ranveer sena who enjoys funding and support from Caste Hindus and their politicians since ages.Whereas the shameless Indian Media remains silent with no representation for such communities there in .

Please read this news: Beware the picture in this will be too much disturbing..

3 Responses to “Demanded wage rise, Dalit labourer put in crusher: CasteVirus 004BH2015”

  1. 1 Communal Award

    Just put up an Advertisement in Newspaper/TV/Twitter/Facebook seeking Brahmin women to wash utensils in your house

  2. 2 Communal Award

    We appeal President Obama to direct Narendra Modi regime to create an Independent Nation for 300 million Untouchable in India;

  3. 3 Communal Award

    If I were Ambedkar I’d have given Licensed Pistols to all Untouchable through Indian Constitution for self-defense and to resist oppression;

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