Sterilization deaths under Dr RK Gupta in Chattisgarh questions ‘Merit’


Pic02: Block Medical Officer Dr. Pramod Tiwari, Dr R.K. Gupta Chief Surgeon and Dr Amar Singh Thakur, Joint Director, Health, Bilaspur puts India to shame.

The young Anti-reservationist always puts reservations at bay and squarely ridicule it, seen in debates and believed across elite. As opposed to United States, therefore, e-India is anything but a Civil Society. Any talk of caste inequity results into historic blame-game where educated Hindu preaches Caste Reality is just a product of English plan to divide and rule Indians. Opps !! So Simple ??
Along with caste atrocities, the caste reservation antithesis is made strong under current upper-caste-friendly RSS regime under the closed eyelids of ( opportunist??) PM who claims to belong to backward OBC clan. Merit believers claim that admissions based on QUOTA system is only the cause for neglect in healthcare sector. Is this true?? Shouri likes also contest that care quality could only improved only after socially backward students are asked to vacate the seats or forced to commit suicide. They also subvert the topic by invoking reservations for economically poor section. However in practice their fallacy has worked against them. Such arguments and imaginations utterly failed, continuously failed in last 60 years of independence. The fruits of merit badly reflects into social fabric of Indian life may it be healthcare or any other sector.

One can study and find it OUT that more deaths have taken place AT THE HANDS OF meritorious doctors THAN THEIR COUNTERPARTS. In this light, lets further investigate the sterilization deaths in Chhattisgarh. Does it prove the point?

Dr. Tiwari-who operated is an.. upper caste Brahmin Hindu.

Dr R.K Gupta, a surgoin who supervised the operations is  Upper-caste Baniya Hindu.

Dr Amar Singh Thakur, Joint Director, Health, Bilaspur is again Upper caste Thakur HINDU.


What is the use of merit THEN?


Pic01: Medical negligence : All 83 sterlisation operations failed at Nemi Chand hospital in Bilaspur's Pendari.

Pic01: Medical negligence All 83 operations failed at  Nemi Chand hospital in Bilaspur’s Pendari.

On the contrary, the professionals/officers coming from sociological backward backgrounds are more concerned about their own people . They are seen to take extra pains , excelling in their services even if  they are placed in the interiors or in poor slum ghettos.

Do you think that the governance of this  country is safe at  hands of people who understand pains of people little than preserve their own merit-pride that has no connects with social fabric of India ??



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