Police Atrocity Continues even after Sanjay Khobragade’s death: Inhuman State

Today a team of advocates lead by Adv. Prashant Ramteke went to Bhandara to understand the current situation.  And to their shock, they found out that  Sanjay’s wife (Mrs. Devikabai Ramteke) and Mr Raju Gadpayle ( Family Friend)  were in Bhandara jail where Police persisting with tortures.
While taking to her, story of inhuman treatment given by police came out.
They were beaten to death and forced to confess the crime which they have not done. They have been beaten continuously for three days in jail and forced them to accept that they have killed late Mr. Sanjay Khobragade. When Adv met them he found that proper care of food was also not taken by police. He paid from his pocket and arranged a food for them. Tears were flowing through their eyes when they were narrating the situation.When one local MLA went to meet them, victims were already threatened by the police if they dare to speak truth they will be beaten up again. At one stage victims pleaded police “Please kill us rather than beating.”
Even after telling the truth to judge that they are forced to say this, judge has given their custody to police again.
They are booked under Atrocity Act. And when the culprits were in jail they were provided with biryani and separate fans in jail.
Such an inhuman treatment is given to victims by the police.Advocate from Vidarbha must fight this case strongly and unitedly without taking state government’s help.
As narrated by Adv. Prashant Ramteke…..

2 Responses to “Police Atrocity Continues even after Sanjay Khobragade’s death: Inhuman State”

  1. 1 Communal Award

    I’ve petitioned Obama Administration to direct Indian regime to carve out a separate nation for Untouchable people in India


  2. 2 Communal Award

    Afraid to take your Caste share of land and build your own nation?


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