60 years of NO Representation : 1st Lower caste (Jat) Army Chief: Gen Suhag

Elite Indians continue to deny and expose the absence  of representation in Military. IS this a democracy?
Over 60 years of independence and India did not find any lower caste officer to be the Army head.
As he is appointed as Chief, please See the approach and criticism from educated class and the Army Hq. of India on twitter

“Gen Suhag‘s last min appointment shows the worst of India: caste, political hubris, abuse of power, bureaucratic deceit & tolerance of crime. Gen Suhag‘s appointment is mired in caste. He’ll be the first Jat Army Chief. But do Jats want their Army Chief sneaked in like this?”

5 Responses to “60 years of NO Representation : 1st Lower caste (Jat) Army Chief: Gen Suhag”

  1. 1 Communal Award

    Is Jat lower caste?

  2. oye mr. pocha. Jat is not a lower caste. Jat is a martial komm. They are regarded as highest in the cast hierechy.

    • 3 jalwan

      u know ayaram/gayaram rule in haryana. 1930 lahore high court gave decision jats r sudra . not only in state of haryana but in all states as well in the centre too they r in obc part of sudra lowest varrna, ch. choturam requested the govt then the floor grinding stone n ox of jat cultivating community may not be kept on rahan by bania as they were not in position to pay one/ two anas of lagan per bigha of agril. land n they used to run away in jungals whenever any official used to come for collection of lagan in th villages. though caste is nonsense n highly irrelevant n unscientific still in hindu dharma because complete lack of reasoning , scientific education n idiotic / boasting nature of pride of caste broadly — 1 brahman 2.low- kshtriya 3. lower- vaish 4. lowest – sudra . anuloma marriages -high caste man n lower caste woman were permitted by law /dharma as such brahman could have wives of all varnas n so on but pritiloma marriages –high caste woman n low caste man were not allowed by law/dharma which caused all shambles n conspiracy of sex enjoyment n high status badly effected the society as 4-5 brothers of sudra caste could hardly have one wife till recently where as untouchables each could have one/two wife since no body could dare to toch sudra girl further more there was too much shortfall in sudra females n too surplus of brahman etc females so no law/ dharma could stop sudra man n brahman woman mingaling/ pritilom marriages with result issue, brahman woman n sudra man were out casted as chandals . sudra woman n brahman man issue were nisad , kshtriya woman n sudra man issue were khatri so condition of brahman woman was worst of all . repeatedly is cm born as kunbi- cultivator caste married to jat -cultivator caste son married to gujjer caste- cultivator caste pressing cases against ex counterpart of mali caste- cultivating caste still claims rajput caste who r much more poor than any cultivating caste as being can not cultivate land being rajput also don’t hold any land which went away in aiyassy.this is ample clear when education,potical/military n wealth power is there u r high caste ie brahman,low kshtriy, lower vaish respectively

  3. 4 kartik sangwan

    Jat is not a low caste they are martial caste. They camein thirty six royal races of india . Jats have many kingdoms in north west india and pakistan also .or to or jat bht bade bade jamindar bhi h ..

  4. 5 saurabh

    This article is by an ignorant fool. 1st thing Jats are kshatriya. 2nd thing before general suhag, general vp malik(during kargil war) was a Jat too.

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