Affluent Indians considering ‘caste’ as nonsense- manufactured by NON-Hindus!!


Test the consideration in light of an young dalit woman’s observations from village that is translated from local language


Pic 01: Dalit women expressed her suffering in local language

Pic 01: Dalit women expressed her suffering in local language

3 Responses to “Affluent Indians considering ‘caste’ as nonsense- manufactured by NON-Hindus!!”

  1. 1 Communal Award

    If you meet anybody from India ask him “What Is Your Caste?” If he answers it, then you’re doomed. Because he has already injected Cancer into your Country. Caste is like Cancer. Caste cannot be Cured. Caste has to be Cut-Off.

    Indians are the most racist people on earth

  2. I am Rameshwar Singh s/o late Raghunath Singh , a permanent resident of vill Paranpur PO Sonhan PS Sonhan under Dist Kaimur in Bihar . I am Kharwar by caste which comes under ST category. In 1980 I was granted caste certificate and on this basis I got appointed as clerk in Canara Bank in 1982. After completion of more than 30 years of service, Canara Bank on 27.8.2012 terminated me from the services stating that the SDO,Bhabu(Kaimur) has cacelled my caste certifcate. When demanded by RTI, the subject letter of the SDO,Bhabua ,bank refused to supply of its copy stating that its original does not belong to their office and it should be demanded from SDO,Bhabua office only. . In 1992 my father, my two brothers and even my daughter were granted caste certificate by the DM,Kaimur to the effect that each of them is Kharwar by caste under ST categoty. In 2003 one of my two brothers , got employed as a teacher after coming successful in Bihar Lok Seva Ayog,Patna and this was done after having been duly verified and confirmed by the Superintendent of district Education ,Bhabua , In 2007 my another brother for the 2nd time granted Caste certificate of Kharwar (although he was already granted by the DM,Kaimur in the year 1992) and under comfirmation by the then ADM,Bhabua to the CM,Secretariate,Patna ,he was appointed as a block teacher.

    Thus my two brothers are after caste having been duly confirmed and verified are well recognized kharwar ST and are in the job of the State of Bihar . This fact is well known to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. ST Commisiion ,Delhi, Principal Secretary to the State of Bihar, Chief Secretary to the PMO,Delhi. A series of letters are even nowadays are being addressed to the Principal Secretary to the State of Bihar but no response is being made from state officials. I along with my dependents am about to starve to death due to unjustice. No govt. agency or athority is ready to dispose this issue. I fail to understand how sons of a father can be treated of two different castes. I do not think any such example would be available any where in the history of the country. My two brothers are kharwar under ST and I am a member of backward community.I have lost my jog , my dignity , my social security. And athority in the government is serious to inform as to how is is justified that sons of a father can be treated of different caste.

    Rameshwar Singh 10.6.2014

  3. 3 jalwan

    in india all nonsense happens . be brave n sort out everything will be all right. rome was not built in day .what i feel sudra woman r far better than brahman woman , who mingaled with or raped by sudra the issue shall be chandal but in case of suudra issue either shall be sudra or above in view of hindu secritures . don’t forget rishi parasar was s/o chandal . rishi parasar’s grand father vasistha was s/o prostitute , while writer of hindu sacred books vedas , geeta n puranas vyas was s/o sudra fisher woman dalit woman .vyas’s blind son dritrastra n impotent son pandu was kshtriya while braman/sudra son vidur who taught yudhistra dharamraj son of not that of pandu but from his wife like other pandavas beside sukhdev brahman son taught by janakaa kshtriya lower to brahman caste . here there is reply / comment for ramesher singh that since ancient times this nonsense of casteim is going on . u r singh don’t u worry, nobody dies out of hunger unless some upper caste desires bad for u . catch hold of some big fish humbly requet to help u instantly or go to sc/st/bc commission in patna/delhi or consult some social activist or some kala coat wala . nobody is is high or low by birth deeds make so . now a days so called upper castes r far below ur status except they have false qualification baisakhi support of caste by which their outward morale is high .twam brahman asi, aham brahman asmi .everyone is brahman / ataman . lord rama ate jhuthe ber of sabri dalit lady was taking care of chandal rishi matang who assured her that rama would come to her in his ashram since his time on earth was over n left to satlot .

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