Burnt alive : Indian Dignity on Fire


It is sheer irony for democratic India where roads are often  clogged by  Hindu temples; they are only inherited and preserved despite  limited access due  to Hindu caste order than other sources of excellence. The temples owners are factories for caste virus; killing innocent people in the name of caste-religion. Peaceful Buddhist cultural heritage and centers have often became easy targets of  false Hindu pride.

This is yet another story of national humiliation, post Khairlanji. A family was nearly exterminated for their courage when they asserted their rights and dignity. The family head was burnt alive while the mother was humiliated both by the Caste Hindus and Police alike.

The victim’s family comes from village of Kawalewada Tehsil Goregaon, District: Gondia which is situated in Central Part of India. Mr. Sanjay Nivrittinath Khobragade, age 52, was living a community life where he was instrumental in leading cultural change through Buddhist practices. He along with elders wrote a petition for allocation of land for the cultural Buddhist Centre. However Caste Hindus did not like that and the dispute went in crescendo, while police playing spoilsport. This case was reported to District collector, Gondia and Village Dispute Redress committee. The authorities  decided to allot a  piece of land for Buddha Vihara.  The victim Sanjay Khobragde thereafter sought a  written permission or a copy of resolution in this regard. The government official asked him to wait  till 17th May for the ‘code of conduct’ during  elections was in operation and such administrative process would take time. Loosing the grip  in a due process of law, the Caste Hindus burnt Sanjay alive on night of 17th May.

Atrocitynews correspondent captured few moments of Sanjay expressing his ‘Caste Pain’ just before he breathed his last.

The incident happened on 17th May, 2014 at about 2:30 AM. The victim and his wife were sleeping in their house, when suddenly the victim heard the loud voices of, ‘This Mahar ( Caste) Man has spoiled the village’. The victim woke only to find himself engulfed in the chores of petrol and fire.  He could easily see and identify the perpetrators. There were Mr. Krishipal Tembhare, Mrs. Madhuri Tembhare ( Head of village ) Mr. Bhaulal Hirankhede, Mr. Punaji Thakare and Mr. Hemant Thakare.

Police cooked up the story of illicit relationship of his wife with another villager Raju Gadpayale who is rikshaw pooler. Stated by Superintendent of Police of Gondia District, Dilip Zalake in press conference and reported seriatim by news papers ( This reminds us of Khairlanji Massacre Case where victim Surekha Bhotmange was reported by newspapers to be having illicit relationship with Siddharth Patil).

The police crossed its limit of shame when they arrested victim’s son and wife from hospital on 21st May and mercilessly beaten them up in police van. The duty of the police in such incidents should be to protect the victims and their family and provide them support.

After battling  for life, Sanjay lost life today!! India could not save the dignity of a poor dalit who was courageous enough to bring in  Buddhist values in a caste ridden Hindu villages. The police is engaged into window dressing, what could be the political overtones of this event only the RSS quarters in Nagpur would know.

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  1. I’ve petitioned Obama Administration to direct Indian regime to carve out a separate nation for 300 million Untouchable people in India.

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