BJP men burn a Buddhist alive as New Govt assumes


May, 18, 2014 – On a Buddhist monastery land dispute, Sanjay Nivrttinatha Khobragade ( 50), a Buddhist was burnt alive in the early morning hours of Saturday in the village of Kavalevada in Goregaon, Gondia. Sanjay is 95% burnt and has been moved to Nagpur. The accused include 4 BJP ministers from the district.


Pic01: Sanjay battling for Life. Caste Terror wont touch him.. Salute to his wit!!

Sanjay and his family were asleep when this incident happened on Saturday. All of a sudden five people arrived. They poured petrol over Sanjay and burnt him alive. He’s burnt 95%. Sanjay ‘s face , chest , both arms – legs and neck are fully burnt. First he was admitted in Gondia hospital where his statement was reported. In his statement, he mentioned that the Kavalevada district BJP general secretary Rishipal Tembhare, Madhuri tembhare , SriPrakash Rahangadale , Bhaulala Harinakhede , Punaji Thackeray and Hemant Thackeray burnt him. As per the statement, a crime case has been filed with Gangazhari Police station against these 5 people under the IPC Sections 143, 147, 148, 149 and 307.

Similarly the case has been reported under SC/SCT PoA act. Because of his critical condition, he has been transferred to Government Medical College and Hospital in Nagpur and is being treated there as he fights death for his life

2 Responses to “BJP men burn a Buddhist alive as New Govt assumes”

  1. I’ve petitioned Obama Administration to direct Indian regime to carve out a separate nation for 300 million Untouchable people in India.

  2. 2 Kureela

    separate electorate and separate sttlement is the only solution for 120 million dalits in India

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