Caste kills another boy in Kharda: Caste-virus003MH2014


Mumbai: A group of men strangled an Indian teenager and hung him from a tree after he embarked on a relationship with a girl from a higher social caste, police say. Two men, including the girl’s brother, and one juvenile, have been arrested over the murder of the 17-year-old on Monday in Kharda village in the western state of Maharashtra. Police say they are looking for another seven men connected to the case.

“The girl’s brother along with a few friends saw the couple sitting in a field. Emotions ran high. They assaulted the boy, beat him up and strangled him with a rope. Later they hung him from the tree,” Dheeraj Patil, the senior investigating officer, told AFP.The hereditary-based caste system remains deeply rooted in many parts of India and pervades various aspects of daily life, particularly in remote and rural areas.

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One Response to “Caste kills another boy in Kharda: Caste-virus003MH2014”

  1. BC/SC/ST/FC should live in separate states. Otherwise India is going to end up as Africa where rape is a hate crime/means to take revenge. Google “Jyoti Singh Pandey”

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