Value of a Vote: Indian Elections


The Media Surveys are absolutely not doing any justice as more than helping; they are misleading the people opinion. They have been proved wrong umpteen times and yet their influence cannot be ignored. Channel surveys differ and at times differ so much that they are far away from reality. The Surveys could have been a better tool but with no accountability attached, they are more of a nuisance. Lack of Accountability means that the law of the country does not hold any survey or channel responsible for misleading people or propagating a half truth when they are proven wrong after the elections. When there is no such accountability, obviously, there is lot of scope for playing around with the truth.

From these surveys and other such opinions formed, arises the concept of a ‘Wasted Vote’. You will come across people of all segments of society quoting upfront that they voted for a particular candidate because the winning chances of this candidate were higher than others. Meaning they voted for this winning candidate for they felt that in doing so, they will not waste their Vote.

Pic01: Indian Note

Pic01: Indian Note


Is this obsession to side with the Winning candidate right?
What if you go by your heart and vote for a person you consider right but who ultimately loses the elections? Does that make you a lesser human being? Should the Voter’s decision be between Winning/Losing OR Right/Wrong candidates?
Vote is an opinion expressed after a person processes all the information that is gathered. It is a person’s own unique way of interpreting facts and accordingly forming an opinion. Like no two people are same, similarly, their thought processes too are not same. This is precisely the reason our constitution has provisioned for ‘right to Vote’ for every adult person.
The thought process in arriving at a voting decision is different and yet value of each vote is same. This means that YOUR thought process is as important as the thought process of any other individual in this country. If our constitution gives so much importance to each and every person’s though process, is it right that we get influenced by other people or situations when it comes to actual voting? Just because a majority of people are voting for someone, is it right that you should do it too?
Doesn’t matter the candidate you vote for, wins or loses, you should derive your satisfaction from the fact that you did a right thing. You voted for a person who mirrors your ideology and who you think can carry the mantle of service of people. The process of emergence of real good people in Politics is very slow and gradual. Eventually, they will emerge because people like you decided to be patient and relentlessly pursue the emergence of such people, may be over next few elections. But if you don’t start it right-away, the supposed winners will keep ruling and things will never change.
Another faulty argument people give is that their vote f or a particular candidate will help elect the Right PM candidate.
What if you Vote for several such WRONG candidates and still the Right PM prospect does not become PM?
Will the PM himself/herself solve the local issues in absence of a worthy candidate?
Local issues should be of top most importance in selecting the right candidate.


Lastly, there is NOTA- (none of the above option).. You always have the choice to disapprove all candidates who are contesting.
Even if I am alone, truth shall remain Truth; there is no such thing as “Wasted Vote. The only Vote that will harm this country is the one which was NOT exercised at all.

Author is IIM (B) Alumnus and working with a Leading Handset Company in a Senior Management role.
He takes interest and studies closely the effects of Indian Political culture over grass-root development.

One Response to “Value of a Vote: Indian Elections”

  1. Your MLA/MP has been bending/bypassing rules/regulations/courts/constitution and making money for his family. Go and vote for your caste and let him prosper. Otherwise your future generations cannot make money.

    During BJP regime MPs took 10,000 rupees to ask a Question for you in Parliament. And in Congress regime MPs got 50,000,000 rupees to vote for a Bill in Parliament.

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