1/4th India is marginalized on caste basis


A huge number of Dalits and Tribals in India are engaged in uncertain marginal work which offers them less than six months employment in a year. That means for the most marginalized groups are unemployed which reflects the nature of uncertainty and timidity of their existence.

As per the census data on SCs and STs, total 12% of SCs and 17% STs are works as a marginal labour. While only 9.9% non-Dalits are marginal worker.

According to population census 2011, about 20 crore of the country’s 121 crore people are dalits, and 10.4 crore are ST.

As per government data, work participation rate for Dalit was 40.9% and for Tribal 48.7%. But contrary only 28% of Dalit workers were in a main work.

North shows the worst condition than south in work providing and participation.

The census released on Monday shows the Himachal Pradesh has the highest proportion of Dalit marginal employed with 23 % and second highest is Bihar (16.5%).

Meanwhile, the regions with higher literacy rate shows the minimal marginal employed like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Only 6% in Kerala and 7 % in Tamil Nadu of workers are engaged in marginal work.

“The main reason for Dalits in Tamil Nadu and Kerala getting employment through the year is the higher literacy rate. With proper education, many dalits in these states are employed in IT companies or in government jobs. They may be working at a lower level, but they get employment for the entire year,” said P Sampath, president of the Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front.

In Kerala, due to the implementation of land reforms, many dalits are landowners and the figures are better. In all other states, this is lacking, said Sampath.

Pic1 Dalits, Tribal are marginalized labor on large proportion

Pic1 Dalits, Tribal are marginalized labor on large proportion

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