Book Review: ‘We Also Made History-Women in the Ambedkarite Movement’


The book ‘We Also Made History-Women in the Ambedkarite Movement’, 2004, originally published in Marathi in 1989, this contemporary classic details the history of women’s participation in Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Dalit movement for the first time. Focusing on the involvement of women in various Dalit struggles since the early twentieth century, the book goes on to consider the social conditions of Dalit women’s lives, daily religious practices and marital rules, the practice of ritual prostitution, and women’s issues. Drawing on diverse sources including periodicals, records of meetings, and personal correspondence, the latter half of the book is composed of interviews with Dalit women activists from the 1930s. These firsthand accounts from more than forty Dalit women make the book an invaluable resource for students of caste, gender, and politics in India. A rich store of material for historians of the Dalit movement and gender studies in India, We Also Made History remains a fundamental text of the modern women’s movement.

Table of Contents

The first part outlines the invovement of women in various dalit struggles from the early 20th century onwards, drawing on various sources including Dalit periodicals.

About the Author

Urmila Pawar, a writer and activist in the Dalit women’s movement, worked as an employee of the Public Works Department of the state of Maharashtra until her retirement. Meenakshi Moon was closely associated with Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and was involved with his organizational work. Wandana Sonalkar teaches economics at Dr. Babasaheb Marathwada University, Aurangabad, and is a founding member of Aalochana Centre for Documentation and Research on Women.


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    How can i get the book?

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