Water Public is yet to become Republic


Dalits has broke out the ritual walls and got justice to access the water from public tank of Village Muthulingapuram , TamilNadu which was due right of them.

The common tank was constructed just seven months back from the Punchayat fund worth of 1.50 lakh. Dalits were struggling for justice since as they were threatened to access water. Only Hindus were allotted to access it.   

Tahasildar Mangalanthan invited joint meeting in the presence of Police and the members of TamilNadu Untouchability Eradication Front (TNUEF), representative of Dalits and Hindus community at the Panchayat office to solve above problem.

Tahasildar decided at the meeting that, village tank is a common utility for all villagers and not belong to any particular community or caste. After this peace talk the dalits went to the tank and took bath to celebrate their right.

Initially, the caste Hindus were not agreed with decision to facilitate the Dalits to use tank water even though its public property.

Some caste Hindus were not happy with this agreement. They may threaten anytime so dalits assured protection from officials.


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