Election game in Odisha to draw Dalits


BJP in Odisha practices a multiple standard game just sake of ‘election’ by performing a riot, rail roko and roads blocks at many places against the rape of 14-year-old Dalit girl of Kendrapara district of Odisha, who died on Thursday.

During riot on Saturday, shops and business were closed. Khandagiri, Baramunda, Jayadev Vihar, Master Canteen, Rasulgarh square and Vani Vihar roads were get blocked for some 12-hour blaming the BJD government accounting for minor girls death.

This is the same party BJP, who has burnt about all 19 Dalit houses of Dhenkanal district of the same state Odisha last year over the revenge of defeat in an election.

The accused, ex-sarapanch of Kamadhenukote village Kumar Swain, BJP Hindu leader blamed Dalits for his defeat in an election. The leader with his follower attacked Dalits and burnt their houses. Disgracefully, the main culprits are yet to be arrested.

Thus, one case is enough to scan the vicious minds who are trying to draw the Dalits through this disguise election game.

Odisha reported the third highest atrocity in India with 19.20% followed by the Rajasthan (51.34%), and Andhra Pradesh (24.59 %), while many atrocities go unreported. The castevirus is rampant in Odisha, which get noticed by state government only at election time.


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