Lawless Investigations puts Ms India down


The investigation has been freeze to seek the justice in the brutally raped and murder case of 20 year old Dalit girl on 24 August in Jind, Hariyana. The key investigation officer is evading and dodging to activist lawyer and Dalit activists, who seeking justice for the case.

Over the three weeks after the rape and murder crime committed, the authority is clueless about the suspect and not even ready to disclose any information as if they haven’t anything to explain regarding the crime happened in Jind.

Talking to the Round Table India, General Secretary of the All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM), Asha Kowtal, an active person in Jind case said, “There seems to be no progress at all. Satheesh Balan, SP Hisar, the key investigation officer, promised to give the AIIMS report to Rajat (Rajat Kalsan, activist lawyer), but is still evading and dodging him. I call the SP everyday but he never picks up my calls. I spoke to Rajat this morning and he says: as of today there is no other update on the investigation.”

Crime has exposed clearly as the signs of sexual assault, injuries, bite and cigarette burn marks placed on victim’s body. When will the new toughest anti-rape law reach to the Dalit girls and women?

Will each case from the long list of crime against women get justice only after the lot of media attraction and public rallies and roaring? Asha Kowtal have answer for this too. She said, “If you include media in the ‘civil’ society then I can say that this time – the issue did get some coverage, though of course, it does not make national headlines. The nation unfortunately does not want to know what happened to the Dalit girl in Jind!”



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