Minister wants her to report but how?


The National Crime Records Bureau for 2012 estimated that 12.23 percent atrocities were registered in the country against the Scheduled Castes among them Rajasthan (51.34%) and Andhra Pradesh (24.59 %) reporting the highest atrocities. While, it’s a fact which make worried to the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment that many cases go unreported which make unable to count the correct staggering data of crime against SCs and Scheduled Tribes.

“The SC and Scheduled Tribe communities need to come out and speak. They should feel safe; they are sometimes pressurized and that is how so many cases go unreported,” Union Minister Kumari Selja expressed concern at a National Conference on Protection of Civil Rights and Prevention of Atrocities on Scheduled Castes on Wednesday.

Citing to the NCRB data, the minister said the scale of the atrocity problem would be evaluated better if the unreported cases were taken into account as well.

National Commission for Scheduled Castes Chairman P.L. Punia said, “There is a provision in the law that says if the case is not registered by the police, then the aggrieved person can file a petition under 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure before a magistrate, and the Commission has learnt that the number of such petitions is very high. In Uttar Pradesh, in 2009, as many as 43 murder and 41 rape cases were not registered.”

Continuing to the Minister’s view he added, the trend of ‘no reporting’ needed to be examine as Chandigarh, Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal had a ample SC population but fewer number of cases were reported.

Data collated by the NCSC, of the total cases of crime against the SCs, 93 per cent have been reported from the States of Rajasthan (51.34%), Andhra Pradesh (24.59 %), Odisha (19.20%), Madhya Pradesh (18.88%), Uttar Pradesh (18.34%), Bihar (16.16%), Karnataka (15.31%), Gujarat (13.43%), Tamil Nadu (13.43%) and Jharkhand (12.10%).

Expressing concern over continuing discrimination and atrocities against SCs and STs in India Mr. Punia said, “In Odisha, there still are temples that do not allow entry of Dalits; in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, there are hotels that have separate utensils for them; and in Haryana, even today a groom on horseback from the SC community cannot pass in front of a so-called upper caste’s house. When we see such atrocities, it seems we are frozen in time.”


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