Allahabad HC accepts Kanwal Bharti’s writ petition


The Allahabad high Court bench has passed the order to list in the next cause the writ petition filed by Dalit scholar Kanwal Bharti in which he has mentioned that he was arrested by the order of state cabinet minister Azam Khan as he had raised the question against state in FB post.

While, Bharti claimed he has nothing wrong personal or against Azam Khan.

Until date computer of Bharti is in the police custody. He alleged that seizing of the computer of a writer is a serious violation of his fundamental rights. He had many important write ups saved in it.

In his writ petition he alleged that he has been underprivileged as according to the Constitution of India under Article 19 every citizen has right of free expression.

Requesting the court for payment of compensation for his illegal arrest he appealed to quash the FIR filed against him on August 5, 2013.

FIR lodged against Bharti on the ground that the FB comment posted by him has chances of disturbance of communal harmony in Rampur. He had posted the comment regarding the suspended IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal over pulled down of a Mosque wall at Noida. Referring this he questioned in his FB post why not anybody suspended in Rampur as the demolition of 200 years old Madarsa performed?Why the state allowed demolition? Why accused are free who involved in demolition? Why not communal violence had taken place here?



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