Their Houses demolished; Dalits on roads


28 Dalit houses, including four houses built under the Indira Awas Yojana at Pappankulam in the district of Sivaganga province were demolished on August 15 and 18 by the Sirukudi Panchayat administration in order to clear the public way. But the truth has revealed that demolition is being performed under the act of revenge on Dalit families.

Finance Minister P. ChidambaImageram astonished after hearing the details from victim family members that the illegal demolish of houses were performed in the presence of police authority but no action was taken by them. He shocked that even administrative official such as collector, revenue officials were unaware of the illegal act carried out in Sivaganga area on two days.

 Villagers said, “Illegal demolition was performed in the presence of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and the husband of local Punchayat President was also present with full police security.” It was wondered that no action has been taken against DSP till date. Affected Dalit families have lost their house, utensils and little family world on the ground of encroachment.  They have been waiting for shelter since August 15.

Hiding the name of DSP, P. Chidambaram said, he wanted all the police personnel, right from constable to the higher official who were present when the houses were being demolished should be intervene and place under suspension.

The Tamil Nadu state government has distributed a relief fund of Rs.60,000 each to the affected families. P Chidambaram thanked to the state and said “The amount is not enough. Besides giving additional compensation, the government should build new houses for them”.

Mr. Chidambaram represents the Sivaganga constituency.

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