Caste kills Akansha Singh (Rathi) ; Winner ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award 2009’ !


Almost after a week after entrepreneur Akanksha Rathi’s death, her parents have alleged that she had faced continuous harassment from her in-laws since her marriage in 2004 due her caste background. Akansha daughter of Mr K.P.Singh come from Lower Caste (probably Scheduled Caste ) whereas Anirudh was from Jatt Caste therefore  Anirudh’s family was against the match. However, after a courtship of almost four years, they got married.

Akanksha’s parents said that Anirudh’s grandfather, PC Rathi, had handed over the Indore unit of Rathi Iron and Steel Industries Limited (RISIL) to the couple. But after the old man’s death, Anirudh’s parents allegedly transferred the shares of the couple to someone else and sold off the company in December last year. This had caused a financial crisis for the couple.

Akanksha and Anirudh met in the capital in 1999 at a GMAT coaching class. They studied together for MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, and at University of Cardiff, Wales. Anirudh then returned to India but Akanksha stayed back to complete her MS in Information Systems from Lancaster University in UK. In 2003, Anirudh told his family about his wish to marry Akanksha. However, because the two belonged to different castes, their match was not accepted by the family. “Anirudh’s grandfather loved Anirudh a lot and agreed to get them married. They tied the knot in 2004. We did our best to organize a grand wedding that would suit their taste,” said Akanksha’s mother, Anita Singh, breaking down.

After their marriage, the couple was sent off to Indore to take care of the unit there. Anirudh was the managing director while Akanksha was made director, marketing. “Their business was flourishing. In fact, my daughter won the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award 2009′ at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards,” added Anita.

Akanksha’s parents alleged that in 2010, after Anirudh’s grandfather’s death, his parents wanted to shut down the Indore unit. “The company started slipping. Both came back to Delhi and were under tremendous stress because of the financial setback. Anirudh was also suffering from epilepsy,” said Anita. Anirudh’s parents reportedly sent the couple back to Indore for a brief period before the company was sold off. “The two had tried very hard to save the company from being put on the block but failed. Banks did not sanction them loans either,” added Anita.

Akanksha’s father, K P Singh, has submitted to the police four emails allegedly sent by Anirudh to his father between 2011 and 2012. In these emails, Anirudh pleads with his father against selling off the Indore unit and complains about Akanksha being treated badly by the family. Anirudh has a younger brother and a cousin who share the family business. K P Singh, a retired government engineer and alumni of IIT Chennai, also showed a copy of the FIR filed by Akanksha in Hindi at Indore. Akanksha alleged in it that she was always being harassed by her in-laws because her family could not match their financial status and also because she was from a different caste. “The financial problems coupled with the family’s behaviour with Akanksha had led to deterioration in Anirudh’s health. He died after a heart attack on September 4. Akanksha’s in laws went to Indore and cremated his body there. But after Akanksha came to Delhi, she was not allowed to participate in the last rites. She was also asked to leave the house. After the completion of one month of his death, Akanksha wanted to attend the puja being held at her in-laws’ place. When we went to their house, the guard told us that we won’t be allowed inside,” added Anita. The parents alleged that all of Akanksha’s belongings, including her gold and diamond jewellery that were kept at her in-law’s place, were taken away.

Akanksha and Anirudh had a pet dog in Indore. On October 14, she went to Indore to check on their house and the pet. “All the belongings from the house had been taken away and the house had been ransacked. That’s when Akanksha filed a case against her in-laws for harassment,” said Anita. After Akanksha came back to Delhi with her parents and her dog, she continued to be in depression. She had been taking medicine for depression for a few years. “She brought her pet, Dopy, along because she said he was her only memory of the good times she had spent with Anirudh. On October 21, she also consulted a lawyer about claiming maintenance. But I think depression had overpowered her and she killed herself on October 23. By the time we rushed her to hospital, she had died,” said the mother.

All efforts to contact Akanksha’s in-laws to get their version and their response to the allegations being made by her family proved futile. Even a visit to their house at 26 Sadhna Enclave (Malviya Nagar area) didn’t yield anything. The guards at the gate said the owners of the house had left on Monday and they had been instructed not to speak to anyone.

Source: TOI

One Response to “Caste kills Akansha Singh (Rathi) ; Winner ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award 2009’ !”

  1. 1 Avinash chavan

    Is it tragedy of women in India,or the mentality of womens, someone who had gone abroad obviously stayed alone to do higher study also financialy independent since she is director of the company can be victim , then it is better not to speak for the majority of womens who are not even graduate,more than half of who are literate dont have a personal bank account …. what is there status ????

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