Caste Slur Kills Maruti Executive, More Social Unrest Awaiting ( Warning by Father of Indian Constitution in 1950)


In an unprecedented event at Maruti’s Manesar plant, the workers got agitated over the issue of Salary hike and burnt the premises that killed an Executive; widely reported by Top Indian Media groups.

However the issue is not so small and short. None of the reports confirm the worker’s stand. They have put workers at the mercy level. The entire episode is erroneously  framed by Management and Media. The unrest escalated into a storm that took toll of a Maruti Executive (and simulteneously set many families job loss) reflects mattle of Indian society  and points out the conspiracy of silence.

Maruti Ltd is endowed with strong  Japanese Character due to heavy investments. Focused on Buddhist principals, one encounters quite useful ‘management theory and practice’  like Kan-Ban or Zen style JIT.  One also expects the company to stand firm on culture of equality and commitment within work-force. There is no pride in justifying efficiency over  social justice, is a Japanese Culture.  The company has been tested negative to  social test. Thanks to upper caste intruders that forms 99% of Management here; ( same is also with  INDIA INC) !

Maruti Ltd might have ejected out brand ‘ZEN” on the roads but seems to havn’t actualise inclusive  communication with Unions and workers. In the world of today, more  companies are Union averse, more probable they  fail in value creation.

And when it comes to Manesar Plant,  caste language has played a foul game on top of the non-representative climate throughout corporates that keeps distance from Affirmative action pragrame. Also there is no confirm reports of social audits of Maruti Ltd. In India ever conducted in the recent past.

Caste being tough reality hardly accepted  by middleclass in general or by Corporates in perticular whose consumer bases shares caste reality. Indian politic is successful enough in keeping United Nations at bay. However took shape in Geneva, ISO 24000 objects to caste related practices at workplace. The companies do not qualify for it if they do not encouarge non-discriminatory practices. Caste injunctions fare respected by few socially Privileged lot at life occasions like marriage or recruitments or  (supply chain) vendor selection. Maruti Ltd management and media is successful in hiding caste factors from the Foreigners risking their investments at times !

15% of Indian population from upper Caste owns 85% of resources in India and vice, versa.  No-time an in-equate volcano going to erupt within India Inc like Maruti Ltd.

In an  unfortunate incidence at Manesar, had the Maruti management taken lessons into social equity, there would have been more inclusivesness without friction. It would have been great respect for the workers and for the families that prepares backbone of Maruti’s success in India.

Indian media anyways misses true moral of the story,  still busy denying the role of Caste or social equity from Burning Incidence at Maruti,, they are doing so at the perils of Indian Caste Society.

For Entire Incidence Report , please click here..

2 Responses to “Caste Slur Kills Maruti Executive, More Social Unrest Awaiting ( Warning by Father of Indian Constitution in 1950)”

  1. Get real.
    You’re not safe from castes/communities whom you’ve abused/exploited/persecuted for 3000 years.
    They’ll unleash Dawood Ibrahim type hunting on your future generations.

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