Jats thrashed them Out: CasteVirus 003H2012


Pic 01: The mute but restless… ready to erupt ! State must take congnisance of illiterate-feudal Jat pride.

Around 1000 families out of 1290 Dalit households were forced to migrate.

650 Jat families along with 70 Brhamin families in village Bhagana of Hisar district occupy 100% of farming land in post-industrialisation era. Schedule Castes and OBCs hold no private lands but only have to share 220 acre which in itself is a PUBLIC land that most of it Jats captured forcefully; sold to private parties as market values roared and touched sky-high.

On top of it, the social boycott fro the Uppercaste in Bhagana,forced Dalit families to leave village. There is no way to go now unless Judiciary acts fast. Dalits of Haryana were man-handled and cursed by police when they went on to seek justice at Chief Minister Office at Chandigarh. They were there not to deamean themselves but to ask their common right in community land that has been taken unlawfully by Jats. The Chief Minister, Mr. Hudda has assured them social justice.

For past ten days they are protesting at Jantar-Mantar Delhi. THIS PROTEST IS UNIQUELY DEFINED AS HALF_NAKED PROTEST in order to distance a common man in rural space from the ills of the Gandhian Philosophy of ‘Panchayati Raj’! In reality such Institution are puppets; they have made upper castes dengerously stronger dictators. What a fallacy of Indian Mind called Mahatma!

Contributing their support for Dalits of Haryana who have come half-nude after walking 200 km hoping that there are other Dalits who will support them after they were forced to leave their villages when they were not getting justice by Jat dominated Haryana govt.

To support them please contact – Sanjay Baudh – 09802402395, Surender Sindu – 08685907692

One Response to “Jats thrashed them Out: CasteVirus 003H2012”

  1. Take your caste share of land as per 4th August 1932 “Communal Award” and go build your own nation.
    Otherwise you/r future generations will regret.

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