Organised Brutalities on Dalits of Andhra: Castevirus002AP2012


The brutal attack on Dalits was organized by Thoorpu Kapu Community in Laksmipeta Village, Vangara Mandal, Srikakulam District. There are 80 Thoorpu Kapu families consisting of 400 people in this village. Around 150 people of this village and the neighboring villages attacked the Dalits at 7.30am on 12th June 2012 with Country-made Bombs, Spears, knives etc. This attack was organized under the leadership of Botsa Vasudevara Naidu who was MPP of Vangara Mandal and a Congress leader.

  • This attack  is not a Land-Dispute but occupying land that is under the occupation of Dalits for years
  • It is not a clash between two communities but it is a brutal attack on Dalits.
  • It was an organized and pre planned brutal attack on Dalits
  1. Four Dalits died on the spot (12th June) and one more person died in the hospital on 20th June, 2012
  2. Twenty Two (22) Dalits lost their Legs and Hands
  3. Six Women (6) Dalits were attacked in their private parts with Knives & Spears
Thoorpu Kapu Community is a  dominant Community in terms of economic resources, size of population and political power in this region. They are 80 families consisting of 400 people
Dalits are basically Mala Community in Lakshmipeta Village and they are 72 families which consist of 350 people. 99 per cent of them are illiterate and ignorant. Moreover, they are absolutely innocent i.e. their feeling of deprivation is much lower than actual deprivation.
Purpose behind the Attack
At core level, Thoorpu Kapu Community in the village wanted to eliminate all Dalits from Lakshmipeta Village through brutal attacking for the purpose of occupying land belongs to Dalits
At macro level, Thoorpu Kapu community in this region wanted to terrorize Dalit Community in the entire region through brutal attack on Dalits in Lakshmipeta Village for the purpose of bringing back obedience nature and creating fear among Dalits..
The government purchased land from people who were living in surrounding area of Maddhu Valasa village for the purpose of Maddhu Valasa Irrigation Project and all were compensated. The government also constructed houses to those who lost houses in different areas. The Lakshmi Peta Village was created to replace those who lost houses. After construction of irrigation project, there was some unused-land. Then MRO of Vangara Mandal unofficially, without any document, (Patta) gave 190 acres of land to Thoorpu Kapus who are 80 families and 60 acres of land to Dalits who are 72 families in Lakshmipeta village ten years ago for cultivation.
Both Thoorpu kapus and Dalits had been cultivating above mentioned land since ten years. However, Thoorpu Kapus wanted to occupy land (60 acres) which was given to Dalits. For this purpose, they had been attacking Dalits physically and verbally very often under the leadership of Botsa Vasudevara Naidu so that Dalits either would leave the village or surrender the land.  For their surprise, Dalits had complained to Police and MRO under Atrocity Act many a  time but the police never registered case and the MRO ignored them.  Finally, Dalits approached Collector and the then Collector seized the land from both communities as both do not have documents. Since then Thoorpu Kapus had developed grudge against Dalit community more intensively. Due to this problem, government had arranged Police Picketing since April, 2012. The Thoorpu Kapus from Lakshmipeta Village had mobilized Thoorpu Kapus from other villages for attacking Dalits. On 11th of June, all Police officials who were manning the picket left Village in the name of Elections. Around 150 people reached village on the night of 11th June and stayed in the houses of Thoorpu Kapus. At 7am on 12th June, village sarpanch had called police as he smelled something wrong but no help came. Finally, they attacked Dalits at 7.30am, on 12th June 2012.
  1. Immediate arrest of Botsa Vasudevara Naidu (MPP-Vangara Mandal) who was responsible for brutal attack on Dalits and other culprits
  2. The compensation, relief and rehabilitation to be given immediately to the whole community as per the new GO of SC/ST (PoA) Act, such as Rs.5,00,000/- cash, Job Opportunity, Pension, Construction of houses, free education etc, (3(2) (V) of SC/ST (PoA) Act).
  3. Booking cases against the Revenue & Police Officials for not taking action on the complaints given by the Dalits from time to time
In Lakshmipeta Village , poor and uneducated Dalits were attacked. Sri Manda Jagannatham is a popular doctor and a long standing MP in Mahaboob Nagar District. The dominant community in this district has been trying to intimidate Mr Jagannatham into submission to their dictates. Since he has been resisting these attempts, , they have physically attacked him in a public meeting on 20th of June 2012. The Forum condemns this attack. We hope that CBCID officers, who are enquiring into this attack, will do an honest enquiry.

One Response to “Organised Brutalities on Dalits of Andhra: Castevirus002AP2012”

  1. “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees” –Zapata

    Pour petrol on culprits and burn them alive.

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