Caste kills, Court humiliates


They constitute 25% of India’s population, the judiciary has not yet proven itself to the test of humanity another time it implies Dalits are not citizens of India..It says the its was dead evidence.

Last week’s acquittal by the Patna High Court of all the accused in the Bathani Tola massacre of 1996 – in which 21 Dalits, including women and infants, were killed by members of an upper-caste/landlord militia called the Ranvir Sena, in this area of central Bihar – is shocking testimony to the ineptness, and worse, of the police and the administration in prosecuting the guilty.

Given the fact that no one, including the court, disputes that this gruesome massacre took place, and the fact that there were eyewitnesses and survivors, and yet no one, apparently, is to be held responsible for committing it, is what makes the acquittal so damning. Fourteen long years after the killings, some measure of justice seemed to have been delivered when a sessions court convicted 23 people in 2010

Source: Economic Times

3 Responses to “Caste kills, Court humiliates”

  1. The easiest/efficient way to protest Govt/Forward caste hegemony is to print/circulate/use your own paper money/banknotes exclusively among SC/ST community.
    (goo DOT gl/i60qt)

  2. Just print up your own money.
    Hell, Govt does it, why can’t you? Just be damn good at it and don’t get caught…

  3. 3 ravi1951

    It’s simple for our great indian communal and caste bigots they realign themselves to flounder ,intimidate and loot the suppressed They are oblivious to insurgent young Zealots who are there to make them sweat

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