Caste War against Dalits cripples Odisha: Caste Virus 004OR2012


Caste atrocities are rampant in Odisha. Last four month state has faced four big and many small atrocities. Very recent inhumane caste crime/murdered to Dalit by upper castes Hindus where 2 dalits men are killed and 3 are half murdered in Bolangir district, Muribahal Block 08-04-2012, Two brother are killed in the pogrom. It is the second big caste atrocity in the district of Bolangir.

Behind the carnage is like that, it is Dalit families who have been cultivating the government land last 50 years and got land certificate, when they started to cultivate it was infertile useless soil, (because dalits are landless so they have occupied it and started cultivation in order to fulfill their daily need) they developed the land into fertile and cultivated cashew nut then it growth rate increased simultaneously the importance of land was also increased gradually, moreover soil conservation office granted it from the beginning. From 1993 particularly the family is facing so many problem, many time they were boycotted, excluded from the public place in the village due to the particular matter, year after year upper castes from particular area are asking them to make a Temple in the land which would be maintaining from the earning of the cultivated area that was not accepted by the Dalits. Meanwhile the particular family got education developed their life and so on. It was jealousy and resentment of upper caste that could not bear the development of Dalits. So the tension between dalits and upper castes reached up to a big level it went to the government office where dalits won the case. The family got to know that they are going to attack by upper caste; it was declared that upper caste took the vow in Durga Hindu deity Temple to kill them. When they heard it they reported in police station, police able to stop the quarrels in the police station but upper castes threatened to them ‘we will kill you’ which was heard by the police as well. By promising their words upper castes attacked to them while returning to home they were brutally violently attacked by the upper castes, in the pogrom one dalit is killed in the spot one died in the hospital and more than 3 are half murdered and severely hospitalized.

From above fact it is cleared that the Hindu caste mentality is deeply gross in the existing society, the feeling of mental untouchabilty is perpetuated, anything is good for untouchable is injustice to castist society. The rates of atrocities are rampant in Odisha, the state government is ruthless, and all incidents RSS and Government are directly or indirectly involved because RSS plan is to make temple and government is supposed to arrest the accused persons but both way cases are ablaze.

It is collected information by phone. A detail reports are to be come soon.
Please help us to fight against the cruel caste discrimination. We need your help in all ways.

2 Responses to “Caste War against Dalits cripples Odisha: Caste Virus 004OR2012”

  1. 1 runa

    the untouchables here are considered sub-humen.their development in any way is jealously viewed by the others. all other caste people unite against the untouchables. because the untouchables are not given chances to explain their innocence. such cases are so growing that if not checked by the govt then the country may create another form of terrorism.

  2. 2 runa

    such cases r growing either under the indirect support or due to the negligence of police.the police supports the upper caste people coz they r majority in nos.

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