Mayawati gone: Excreta Forced In Dalit Mouth; Caste-virus 002UP2012


In a shocking incident, a “pradhan” (village panchayat chief) and his supporters allegedly stuffed human excreta into the mouth of a Dalit youth in Uttar Pradesh’s Lalitpur district.

According to a complaint registered with the police, the culprits, residents of Mailwara Khurd village in the district, also thrashed the youth and threatened him with dire consequences if he dared to approach the police.

Police sources said that the youth had approached Chaliraja, the “pradhan” of the village on Thursday last and had sought funds for the construction of a lavatory near the homes of Dalits so that they could use them and did not have to defecate in the open.

As the youth continued to insist despite his pleas being summarily rejected, the “pradhan” and his supporters grew angry and began to thrash him, reports said.
They later stuffed the youth’s mouth with human excreta and let him go away with a warning against approaching the police.

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One Response to “Mayawati gone: Excreta Forced In Dalit Mouth; Caste-virus 002UP2012”

  1. British gave independence to SC/ST communities in 4th August 1932 Round Table Conference.
    Mahatma Gandhi begged British to not implement “Communal Award” to promote Forward caste hegemony in India.

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