Another 19 Dalit Houses Torched: Odisha Dalit fury spreads


A series of atrocities adding to the chapters of caste violance in Odisha. This week, 19 Dalit houses are further burnt by the upper caste mob. The incident happened  in Dhenkanal, Odisha. Most of it was for political gains as seen by locals.  A popular Hill-Station that attracts many tourists, Government  finding no more interest protecting Dalits and Buddhist. Local BJP and Patnayak’s BJD  too adding more fuel to caste violance & buliding up the atrocities, suggests local activist.

3 Responses to “Another 19 Dalit Houses Torched: Odisha Dalit fury spreads”

  1. Take your caste share of land FC(5-15%), BC(50%), SC/ST/Minorities (35-45%) and go build your own nation.
    These inhuman/uncivilized things won’t happen.

    British gave independence to SC/ST communities in 4th August 1932 Round Table Conference.

    Gandhi begged British to not implement “Communal Award” to promote Forward caste hegemony in India.

  2. 2 ram

    India and all Hindus who are not condoning these practices should hang there head in shame for allowing such atroicties to be taking place in this day and age!

  3. 3 jaykhsuh

    There are 19 dalits houses was burnt by upper caste in Dhenkanal.The root of cause is the mentality of people deeply rooted in caste system in India .It is a very inhuman.

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