Villains of humanity: Perpetrators of Odisha Caste-Fire


Following are the villains of humanity in Lathur last week who being wealthy with their influence crushed the dreams of  50 Ambedkarite families in a night by burning their houses; almost they might have killed them had not the scavenging community (Bhangis) didn’t give them shelter/protection. They all are protected by caste Hindus & thier political top brass in BJP, Odisha.

(a) Ghasiram Aggarwal;
(b) Jagannath Aggarwal;
(c) Subash Aggarwal;
(d) Ratan Lal Aggarwal;
(e)Dulli chand Aggarwal;
(f) Dhansingh Meher;
(g) Jitendra Meher;
(h) Harekrushna Bhainsal;
(i) Prashanta Bohidar;
(j) Kiran Bohidar;
(k) Bale Meher;
(l) Aniruddha Meher;
(m) Hiradhar Meher;
(n) Jayadev Meher (Budu);
(o) Daya Meher;
(p) Bharat Meher

Lets see how INDIA brings them to justice?

One Response to “Villains of humanity: Perpetrators of Odisha Caste-Fire”

  1. Pour petrol on culprits and burn them alive

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