School gets polluted because of the Relief Camp :Bolangir Caste Fire


Atrocitynews reporters from Lathur writes us….There is a problem with the Rehabilitation site that is located at Govt. High School with some 210 people and 49 families. They are soon going to be moved to a Local Collage campus as the high school(hindu) students are going to strike against the over stay of the camp at their school as it affects their studies they say. Difficulties in relief Camp are tremendous. Caste assault this time within different style. And instead of combating the insane behaviour, Administration is bowing to their demands and families are soon moved to a new site of college. Just to appease the High Caste students. What kinda INDIA we are in????????

210 people are living in the camp, about 49 families in nobody cares for their life????

The situation of the camp site is very measurable as there is no electricity and the area is open, and the safty of the refugees are in danger from wild smacks, one of the young man in the camp is suffering from MALARIA and is admitted in the local hospital, one woman gave a birth to baby but there is no hygienic or suitable situation to raise the infant in the camp.

The main accused person who initiated the ugly task of house burnings is still not arrested, he is still in some way hiding under political cover. The RSS cadre is said to have connections with the Petrol Pump owners that  supplied Petrol to destroy the families of newly converted Buddhists in Orissa.

It is also learnt that  an organisation with anti-constitutional premise ,  GANDA (Hindu) SAMAJ was found in order to hamper the running of  social activities in the region for example it was particularly opposing  the rally aimed to bring social justice by inviting dismantling hindu caste system in Bolangeer attended by some 2500 people. They spread a different rumors about the intentions of rally, one was the rally is cancelled/postponed etc that definitely affected the participation of people. The advisor of the il- organization comes from the RSS (Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangha) cadre.

Jitendra suna, whose home was first set on fire was working with AMBUS, a social forum for social and political justice. He was not at home fortunately. It seems their wreath was on the people who were more educated and were involved in Ambedkarite movement.

Meher caste who attacked the our people were being used by RRS against ex Gandas (who are buddhist now). By doing that they could also get rid of them as they are guiding the community in different walks of life. What happened in Maharastra is happening in Odisha.

Howecer pro-constituional activists are having meetings with Local people from the Boulanger district. They have formed a team of some 12 people working in different areas, there are few activists on Camp site, few people to fallow up with government officials, all are helping in coordination, there are several local organisation involved to support our cause. They have designed campaigns for masses residing in districts.

In the following gallery; PLEASE WATCH  THE SILENCE of LATHUR (?) that really doesnt exist, if India wants to become nation.

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