Lathur: A ” ?” for INDIA?


Two life In India; touchable and untouchable. Caste violence in Odisha Lathor , Upper caste vandalized and burnt the whole dalit Vasti.

The recent Lathor caste atrocity shows that India is yet to be a united of nation. It is not only Lathor where dalit are being victimized but it is the nature of Indian society which has been divided people into two societies touchable and untouchable. Always the untouchable are discriminated and humiliated by touchable, in colonial and post colonial India. The caste atrocity is more than the GDP rate of Indian Economy in contemporary India.

Rightly Dr. Ambedkar said in the constituent assembly debates (1950); he says “we are entering to a life of contradiction”….today we have celebrated 63rd Republic day in India but we are not equal socially and economically. The constitution of India provides such a powerful laws and order which is regarded as one of the best constitution in the world. But practically still India down one generation back then the developed countries.

Our Prime minister and finance minister rhetorically speak in India and outside that GDP rate grow up to 10 % and we are capable enough to contribute in internationally. But this 10% GDP is for whom who get much benefit out of this high growth rate? Practically Indian economy divided into caste line where the trade class and upper castes enjoy the cream. The 80% dalit are landless and marginal labourer, the Adivasi are still out of the world, the Muslim are marginalized, the 1/3 women of this country are subordinated by men. The Indian economy also on the basis of caste system as Dr Ambedkar says caste is not a division of labourers but it is a division of laborers. The organization likes FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM and other where dalit member are zero. It is shown that India is Caste and caste is India.

The forthcoming states election of UP, GOA, Utarakhand, Punjab and Manipur may give a different political atmosphere in the country. Political parties are coming up with their caste parameter. The mobilization of election campaigning is based on caste that may creates a political and social hatred among the masses. The Indian political culture is parochial. And Indian political culture is also based on caste consensus it is not the people who decide their leader but it is the caste play a determinant role to elect a leader. Not only in Indian politics or economic but caste is an ingredient in social life. Because of caste Indian identity are multiple. Each caste has its own separate identity. But majorly castes are separated in two categories touchable and untouchable. And untouchable are lowest of the low and the bottom of the society. Untouchable’s life has no prestige in Hindu society. History proves that untouchable is opponent of caste system because caste is based on graded inequality

By this illustration I want to emphasis that, the recent caste atrocity in Lathor proved that India’s existed on caste. Caste is an identity, caste is the politics, caste is the economy and finally society is laid down on castes. The caste has created hatred, caste has killed humanity, and caste has created an ideology caste has killed the public spirit. Though the Hindu society is based on four castes but practically it’s two. Because touchable always fight against the untouchables though there are multiple castes identity within the touchable but they are different altogether. There are so many cases in India where untouchables are penalized by caste Hindu. The History proves that Indian ideology is also divided into two groups one is orthodox other is heterodox.  So wherever we go in India this two Indian traditional thought play a vital role.  My point here that it is not Lathor, Khairlanji or Puri or Tamilnadu where untouchable is victimized but it is real India. And it is the Indian people identify historically people on caste wise. For example why still Dr.Ambedkar regarded as a dalit leader why his statutes are being demolished in India. Why people of India have a feeling of hatred towards dalit community? Although dalit are excellent in their performance but still their work is heinous.

 Atrocity in Lathor is not merely an incident by touchable, but it is the Hindu social norm and custom which encourages to follow the Hindu law. So it is cleared that it is a pre-planned and strategic attempt by the upper caste to vandalize untouchable. If people claims that it is not (pre-plan) then why the touchable burnt the whole Vasti of Untouchable? Is there any reason behind this? Is there any financial benefit to this caste violence? Is there any social advantage to this upper caste? Is there any political achievement to this upper caste? The consequence today we face, victims are being homeless, lifeless, aimless who lost their property, wage, employment and so many other things. Life is so pathetic, innocent people are crying and situation is deplorable women are pregnant, old men are weak, the rehabilitation is insufficient government is delaying the facilities. Let us imagine how people and survive their life in this miserable condition. What a tragedy and conspiracy by upper caste people do have!

Why do this betrayal and hatred toward dalit community? Why dalit are being victimized all over the India? Why Dr.Ambedkar statues are being demolished some part in India recently incident happened in Amalapuram Andrapradesh?  Why the mainstream Media and society create a feeling of hatred towards this community (Dalit)? Which kind of society does India have in this 21st century? It is not two India that touchable and untouchable?

Who is responsible for these kinds of inhuman activities? Who is responsible for this catastrophic? From this evidences it is proved that the social system of India is responsible and its people who obey this structure.


Jadumani Mahanand, M.A in Political Science, University of Hyderabad.Now teaches at Nagarjun training Institute Nagpur. Reach him at 07504960521.



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