Fact Finding Report on Odisha’s 50 Dalit Houses Burnt !


Lathur Caste Atrocity: Fact Finding Report

By Jadumani &  Ratnakumar

Pic 01: Everything Finished, becouse I am Dalit', says a family man whose house is one among torched in an ghastly Caste Atrocity done by uppercaste mob in Bolagir

1.1 The situation
The present situation is pathetic.  From the last four days justice is being denied to victims, rally by rally and protest by protest are happening in all around the districts of Odisha. Families are poorly  contained in the Same Govt school. Innocent women children and men are having with same dress from last four days, the soap, oil, and all sanitation facilities are far from them. The feelings and emotions of victims Dalits have replaced into sorrow and suffering. All the relief work are insufficient to the victims people, still people do not have proper clothes to save themselves from winter or cold in the night time people sleep with cold without bed. Dalit down one generation back.

Pic 02: Sky is the roof for 50 families in Lathur now, Upper caste is cruel & Govt is insensitive wha else !

1.2 Govt Response
Still victims are poorly rehabilitated by local administration.  Govt officials are distributing paltry amount relief. Intentionally wrong, Govt officials  taking hardly any serious step forward . On the contrary they they assure something and doing something.  They are  and harassing and  playing with already victimized  Dalits.

Pic03: Doors to Humanity closed for them, they are Dalits !

1.3 At last few Arrests
42 men are being arrested for the incident so far. Recently the news came that 40 women from upper caste also got arrested as they were protesting against the police asking them to leave those who are arrested. 

1.4 Massive Protest
Yesterday a massive really was led by Dalits of Odisha in the district of Bolangir, fearing the district collector announced a committee for relief.  Simultaneously  a team of  local educated people formed a “Peace Committee” however people want justice  not an artificial architecture of peace .  In  rest  of Odisha,  Dalits  seeming to come together and  uniting. There is wide support from different Dalit communities all over the district.

1.5  Demands of local people
These are the six demands:

1-     To declare Bolangir District as  a Atrocity prone area.

2-     To arrest the Political Master brain behind Lathur House burning.

3-     To provide New houses to all victims.

4-     To give compensations such as all the furniture, materials things, gold, silver, clothes ornaments, property, and food grains.

5-     To provide a govt service to each person of a victim’s family.

1.6 Ground Zero Pictures:

Please find following the Gallery of the pictures that potrays the deadly caste violence brings a fear to commoners. If this is India 25% of Dalits rae unsafen anytime their houses be burnt.

In Lathur village (bolangir) no Dalit Househols anymore there. What Central Government is doing many asking question. We seek explanation from INDIA, what next?

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