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A 40-year-old Dalit widow was beaten for two hours and paraded semi-naked at Mulgaon village in Patan taluka of Satara district on Monday noon by members of an upper caste family who suspected that her son had eloped with their daughter.
Though the police initially refused to register her complaint, five persons of the Desai family, including three women, were arrested on charges of rioting and under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocity) Act, on Wednesday night, said FA Naikwadi, deputy superintendent, Patan.

The woman was admitted to a private hospital in Karad in a serious condition, and her condition is improving since. Karad, barely 35km from Patan, is chief minister Prithviraj Chavan’s hometown.



The incident took place after the victim's son eloped with an upper caste girl on December 18. The girl's parents reportedly lodged a missing complaint and also started harassing the Dalit woman to get her to talk about her son and their daughter's whereabouts. The victim had claimed no knowledge of the couple's elopement.

According to locals, the family of the girl cornered the Dalit woman near a public well on Monday and started asking her questions. After a heated exchange of words, they beat her up and even paraded her naked in the village.

The woman sustained severe injuries and was admitted to a hospital in Karad later that day. "This atrocious act of parading a Dalit woman naked after beating her up in the CM's home district speaks about the state of Dalits in the progressive state of Maharashtra," said Dalit Mahasangh founder-president Machindra Sakate.

"The authorities are also turning a blind eye to the incident as the girl hails from a politically influential family which has strong connections with the board of directors of the Shambhuraje sugar factory. The chairman of this sugar factory is believed to be close to the Chief Minister. The girl's uncle Hambir Desai is also a board member of the sugar factory."

Desai was one of the five arrested under the Atrocities Act yesterday evening. The police dismissed all allegations and said that there was no delay in taking action. "The lady, who was admitted to a Karad hospital, lodged a complaint there. The complaint was transferred to Patan on Tuesday. We have arrested Kisan Dattatray Desai, Hambirrao Bapurao Desai, Shantabai Kisan Desai, Vimal Vishwas Desai and Sunita Hambirrao Desai under the Atrocities Act," said Police Inspector Fattelal Naikawade of the Patan police station.

Pic 01 The Mother is attacked by a mob of 50..Entire Upper caste made her dead human. Thanks Govt !

Naikawade added that the initial inquiry pointed to the Dalit woman being beaten up but not paraded naked; sources said two members of the woman’s community had confided this to police. Reacting to the Dalit activists’ allegations that the police had registered a complaint against only five persons even though a mob had attacked the victim, Naikawade said, “We have taken action on the basis of the complaint filed by the victim, who named only five persons.”

p>Refer: HT

p>Refer: Mid-Day

2 Responses to “How is she unprotected?.. CM must Answer | Castevirus 001MH2012”

  1. When governments seek to protect the Forward caste leeches from the BC/SC/ST/Minorities, they act swiftly and decisively.

    When they undertake to protect the BC/SC/ST/Minorities from the Forward caste leeches, they fanny about for years until the moment has passed.

    To promote Forward caste hegemony over SC/ST communities, Gandhi in 1932 begged British not to give independence to SC/ST communities.

    Google “Communal Award”.

  2. 2 monty

    Even after @ 60 years of independance of our country, there is blackout in the DALIT INDIA, shame shame

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