Give Blood take Water: Caste Violence on Dalits settlement in Cyclone hit Pondicherry


Brutal attack on Dalits settlement in Kizlsathamangalam village of Pondicherry, India made by the dominant caste people on 01/01/2012 by the dominant of the Melsathamangalam village. Nearly 100 Dalits’ houses were attacked by 300 upper caste members using swords and other sharp and deadly weapons. Many Dalit houses were broken and properties like house, TATA van, televisions, grinding machines, vessels and Motor cycles were damaged or set on fire. This problem started to
clash between the two sections of people to getting water. The water is demanded after the Thane Cyclone hit the Pondicherry.

They assaulted women by sexually abusing them trying to pull off their sarees. Most of the people sustained serious injuries all over their bodies including their heads, necks, backs, cheeks etc due to the cuts caused by the sharp weapons. The dominant Caste people also pushed the Dalits to the ground and stamped them with their legs, abusing them using degrading caste names.

This brutal attack was carried out for nearly two hours, from 6.30-8.30 a.m. The Dominant caste mob was so violent that the 8-month pregnant lady namely mala w/o Pazhani, was hit against the wall in a
most inhuman manner. Also a 50 year old Vithi s/o Anachapuli. This innocent old man did not know for what reason he was attacked so brutally. Another old woman named Lalida (45 years) w/o Subramanian and Rajseshwari ( 45 years) w/o Madurai was hit on her head and started bleeding badly when she went to rescue her son. 16 old years old boy Ajith Kumar s/o Vengatesan brutally hit and thorn in the road.

Most of the Dalits tried to escape to save their lives. But they were further stopped on their way out and attacked with weapons once again. In this occurrence, 14 Dalits were severely attacked with sharp and deadly weapons, and they sustained terrible injuries. Today their lives and security are threatened. In the light of the above occurrence, we would like your solidarity in condemning this brutal attack, which is the result of the horrendous caste system that prevails in India.  The fact-finding team to visited and analyzed the situation.  The team and victims talked with Collector and Sub-collector of Pondichery to insist to file the case under SC/ST POA Act. We request you to demand immediate action by the respective authorities on this violence against the Dalits in Pondicherry, India.

We request you to demand immediate action by the respective authorities in this violence against the Dalits in Pondicherry,India.

2 Responses to “Give Blood take Water: Caste Violence on Dalits settlement in Cyclone hit Pondicherry”

  1. is par koi anna comment nahi karenge,koi baba comment nahi karenge/sab dhokebaaj hai,inko kala dhan aur corruption dikh raha hai samaj me kya ho raha hai aur ise kaise roke ye nahi,koi aur baat kar ke logo ko bhramit kar rahe hai,taki orignal issue pe kisi ka dhyaan hi na jaye.

  2. Google “Communal Award”.

    Forward caste leeches afraid to take their caste share of land FC(5-15%), BC(50%), SC/ST/Minorities(35-45%) and build their own nation.

    90% of corrupt money is with the Forward caste.

    Black Money in Swiss banks = $1.4 trillion (FC)
    Goa mining scam = $700 million (FC)
    Noida Corporation farm land scandal = $40 million (SC)
    Bellary mines scandal = $3.2 billion (FC)
    BL Kashyap EPFO Scam = $118 million (FC)
    Hasan Ali Khan = $8 billion (MC)
    ISRO-Devas = $300 million (FC)
    Cash-for-votes = $715,000 (FC)
    2G spectrum scam/Radia Tapes = $6.9 billion (BC)
    Adarsh Housing Society (FC)
    Commonwealth Games = $15.5 billion (FC)
    LIC Housing Loan scam = $200 million (FC)
    Belekeri port = $12 billion (FC)
    Lavasa = $80 million (FC)
    Uttar Pradesh Food Grain = $44 billion (BC)
    APIIIC = $2 billion (FC)
    IPL Cricket = $8 billion (FC)
    Madhu Koda = $800 million (SC)
    UIDAI = $1 billion (FC)
    Vasundhara Raje land scam = $4.4 billion (FC)
    Satyam = $1 billion (FC)
    Scorpene Deal = $10 million (FC)
    Oil-for-food programme (Natwar Singh) = $10 billion (FC)
    Gegong Apang PDS = $200 million (ST)
    Taj corridor = $44 million (SC)
    Kargil Coffin (MC)
    Ketan Parekh = $200 million (FC)
    Barak Missile = $200 million (FC)
    Calcutta Stock Exchange = $2 million (FC)
    Cobbler scam = $214 million (FC)
    Sukh Ram = $5 million (FC)
    SNC Lavalin = $10 million (FC)
    Advani Hawala = $18 million (FC)
    Bihar fodder = $211 million (BC)
    C R Bhansali = $200 million (FC)
    Telgi scam = $4.46 billion (MC)
    Harshad Mehta = $800 million (FC)
    Bofors = $400 million (FC)
    Nagarwala = $1 million (FC)
    Haridas Mundhra = $10 million (FC)

    Carry a petrol sachet & a lighter for your self-defense in India.
    Google “List of countries by gun ownership”.

    And demand your independent state from India as per “Communal Award” via a “Private Bill” in Indian Parliament.

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