Caste Pain, Darkness in Rural India


He comes from rural India. He belongs to Mr. Gopinath Munde, President, Maharastra  BJP, on a caste strand. He strikes Hindu code of life, everyday. What if he talks about his version of caste pain?  Please listen Mr Tandale, from Wada in Thane district. He finds it rather difficult to get away with the pain even if he comes from little better Wanjari Caste which now considered as Notified Tribe in Maharashtra.  

Please click the audio file down for his personal talks and his adherence to Dr Ambedkar’s Vision for Social Equality.

Mr. Tandale Speaks – A self cultured person from the Wanjari COmmunity CLICK HERE...

2 Responses to “Caste Pain, Darkness in Rural India”

  1. Prior to creating Pakistan for Muslims in 1947, British created Independent states for SC/ST communities in 4th August 1932 Round Table Conference.
    Gandhi begged British to NOT implement this resolution to promote Forward caste hegemony over SC/ST/Minority communities in India.
    Google “Communal Award”.

  2. Reservations is a bribe to SC/ST communities so that they don’t demand Independence from India as per

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