IITs screwing up Nation !




IIT Kanpur-Selection Committee conducted an interview for the post of Deputy Registrars (1SC, 1UR) on 21 November 2011 (Monday). Many SC candidates, who came from various highly reputed institutions with suitable educations and experiences, appeared in the interview for post of Deputy Registrar reserved for SC on 21/11/2011. SC (Scheduled Caste) seat was not filled but UR (Unreserved Category) filled. The reason for not filling the SC seat is that the selection committee will keep vacant for filling by other community person on contractual basis. This is happening in other IITs too.


2 Responses to “IITs screwing up Nation !”

  1. 1 Nion

    Always seen that, lot of peoples tells there is not casteism in India. But, this is the proof to prove that, there are lot of active peoples who are working to spread the virus of casteism in between Bahujan society.

  2. 2 R.P.Mishra

    Are you want corruption? Are you want to harassment of minorities?
    Please vote and support to Congress in U.P.
    Example of harassment of minorities, corruption and misuse of National money in IIT Kanpur with mercy hand of Kapil Sibbal(Minister of Congress Govt.)

    4.5% reservation KOLABERRY song #############################################################

    This is 4.5% reservation song,

    Corruption in IIT Kanpur by S.G.Dhande team’s song …
    Dear Indians, Present breaking news is 4.5% reservation given to Muslims. Are it is true?
    I am laughing upon this joke. You can also laugh to read this 4.5% reservation KOLABERRY.
    As I was expecting in my previous letter regarding the recruitment process for different key positions, recently Mr.C.P.Singh has been appointed as Dy.Registrar in IIT Kanpur ignoring all the rules and regulation. The authorities are so fearless that they are even least bothered to kill the right of minorities .there were 2 senior Asst. Registrars from minorities to Mr.C.P.Singh.All two senior officers have been ditched and Mr.C.P.Singh has been given appointment as Dy.Registrar. The selection committee and & interview was only formalities. If a proper enquiry is done all facts and true will be revealed in fact of Mr. C.P.Singh have additional qualifications (Doctorate in Corruption) as-

    1-Tere are numbers of civil and criminal cases including kidnapping, rape, Life threatening pending in court against Mr.C.P.Singh. One heinous criminal case under section 364 I.P.C. is pending before the Honorable. Supreme Court Of India(Case No. 2828/2011).
    2-Mr.C.P.Singh has been drawn contingency advance of Rs. 60000/- and adjusted this advance without support any receipt/Boucher. Mr.Singh was paid Rs.30000/- to Mr.Kamlesh Kumar Pathak,Rs.20000/- clerk of Shri Yatindra Shukla and Rs.3000/- to Lekhpal as bribe.
    3. The Govt. Public Property (eviction Act.) 1971 (61 Amendment vide order No. SOR-Gaz. Of India 12-08-1980 part -2 ext. P-957 through close the act w.e.f. 12/08/1980.But sorry to say that C.P.Singh Asst. registrar legal cell misused this order for more than last 5 years.
    4. Mr. C.P.Singh join in the institute as a superintendent .Mr.Singh have drawn 14 days salary from previous dept.(Ministry of education U.P.) and also Institute during the same period.
    Now you can think about this KOLABERRY or laugh or weep or wait for valance 95.5% corruption KOLABERRY Song which sing by R.P.Misra on his declared date 20-01-2012 UNSAN declared for indefinite period.
    Now come and sing —-
    What is your idea Kapil Sibbal G.

    Kind Atten: Hon’ble President of national congress party Smt. Soniya
    Gandhi and National General Secretary Shri Rahul Gandhi

    I /we have heard the various statements/comments towards on corruption
    and govt. of national congress party determent to crash from the roots
    started from the very beginning. I have sent so many requests on the
    above ceited subject and matter with concrete evidence with bundles of
    scandals of corruption in IIT Kanpur, which is annexed as part. (Sent
    to MHRD)
    I have gone through the views of not citizen of India but
    International arena and collect infinity of opinions on social
    networking & draw humble attention of respected minister Mr. Kapil
    Sibbal through mail in this regard but all in vain and also annexed as
    part. I received letters of bundles as well as mail from the citizen
    of India and across the world and they given their valuable suggestion
    and comments, specially the most hon’ble persons including very
    knowledgeable people and scientist Dr. S. Murlidharan, head of
    projects of Madras University his comments is very clear that this is
    not only in IIT Kanpur but also in the in entire autonomous body in
    India and the same were to-to by hon’ble Narayan Murti (Infosys) and
    they believes that no steps were taken against the system to removed
    and rectify in current era under these type of elements available.
    The above all IIT Kanpur is fully assured and openly and verbally said
    no action can take place against till hon’ble Minister Mr. Kabil
    Sibbal is there because we are sending the currency in bags and bags
    But to my deep surprise neither the minister nor ministry was curtsy
    enough to reply me and not taken till date. Our so called Minister ji
    having very much hate from the corruption and even not listen or like
    to see about aforesaid corruption which is going on.
    I have not forgotten your slogan “JAWAB HUM DENGE” and I seek you
    valuable suggestion corruptions. Please guide to me under which my
    three questions required instant reply per at e-mail or postal
    1. Now is 60 years old common man/youngster can understand that govt.
    cannot listen or replied and after the entire kept mum, for his mental
    /physical desire being and Indian?
    2. Govt. is not bother to reply on corruption moreover national
    money/property is always in question? The current govt. can hope that
    for the aforesaid can repeat again to establish his govt. again?
    3. The Victimsable peoples of India for this act, by govt.
    continuously type of done without fear, I request you to kindly join
    us as others to file the P.I.L. before the hon’ble supreme court of
    India also join us on net to clean the India.
    I am in faith Hon’ble president and national secretary of congress
    will be furnished the reply with in 15 days, otherwise the movement
    cannot be stopped and the not only Indian people, The entire world
    together with our social networking email etc. with picture of
    movements as well our govt. with the vision of most Hon’ble Mahatma
    Gandhi Ji and movement cannot stop at any cost.

    With Warm Regards
    R.P. Mishra
    71, Nankari, Pradhan gate,
    I.I.T. Kanpur
    Email: rpmisra2012@gmail.com

    Corruption in IIT Kanpur

    Everybody will be thinking that how and why I am against the administration of I.I.T. Kanpur what I have personal benefits. You are thinking, I say no? But this is not true. I wish to clearly state here that I am fully against the corruption as well as Administration till rectification in the entire process and moreover if anybody will be gainer, only & only I will. I am watching the future of our country in the students of I.I.T.K. Although I passed my childhood as well as young hood because I am aged about 60 years.
    I have seen so many circumstances/incidents with my naked I in current passed in my life and became helpless with tears in eyes. The Administration in corruption still gradually day by day and the entire I.I.Tians/ Employee are watching and understand the whole process on deaf and dump.
    In last Eight years, I have seen which I have not seen before? I found scene the fear able faces of either Prof. or students a unforeseen lines of their faces always, which drastically hamper their working style, who is not knowledgeable but backbone of future of our country. The knowledgeable professor/ students/administrator are forcibly set-aside. A person not know the administration rules, conducts etc. simply by a upper division clerk run the entire I.I.T.K. in the shadow of our Hon’ble Director. I became stund and curious to knowing the original picture behind the original facts. The actual facts which was run in a very planned way was simply ‘corruption’ and hidden the other unparliamently way by our Hon’ble C.P. Singh ‘Assistant Registrar’ (Legal Cell) of mercy hand of our Hon’ble Director Sri S.G. Dhandhe.
    During the course of investigation I found the misuse of National money/property in Hitlersahi way (andaj) more than 500 crores in past Eight years. Even though they do not hesitate to violate the prescribed process, norms of Administration, for exemplary account one, which is completely under control by Govt. of India. Accounts two and Projects Accounts is not highlighted and in future the bundles of scandals will be opened.
    In this context, I have served a legal notice to Chief Secretary, M.H.R.D. which is annexed herewith, in which the entire stories can easily readout.
    Importantly, I pin down with tear eyes that the brilliant students belongs to middle class family are maximum harass and mentally and financially way to inspire and put the position for suicide in last three years.
    As example, no students come forward and say/speak a word in any way, otherwise and humiliation and hitlersahi is behind the whole career will be spoiled by the Administration.
    A media lab is one of the major projects of I.I.T.K., a senior technician (Telephone) appointed as In-charge Media spoke person/contact person inspite of so much so talents in this fields are available there but to my surprise how and why the qualitative person aforesaid appointed named Sri Ravi Shukla Ji. Here most importantly pointed out the reason behind ‘National Money’ as flow like water. Student can not meet with media during the course of suicide.
    To my great surprise the Warden’s are residing 3 to 5 Km. from the Hostel. It is necessary to highlighted that after suicide by the student I.I.T.K. firstly investigated and assure that they are completely safe and thereafter they reported to police to do the rest formalities.
    Recently a case of suicide was a student, who allegate the whole Administration of I.I.T.K., in this connection a committee form by Administration in their own safeguard.
    The whole aforesaid information is not for entertainment, Gossip or a story, requested to please read it and try to understand the feelings of sufferer. I am awaiting your valuable opinions, suggestions in the interest of IITK.

    Encl. Below attached scanned copy of notice which is issued to several authorities related to IIT kanpur and Indian Government.

    Corruption in IIT Kanpur- part -2

    I am a senior citizen of Kanpur and continuously fighting against corruption prevailing in society in general and in particular at IIT Kanpur which is an Institute of excellence and was a dream project of Late Prime Minister Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru. IITs are at the top because of its honest and impartial way of working. Corruption In IITs cannot be imagined. That’s why I am more concerned about the existing corruption, heavy financial irregularities and illegal activities spreading its wing in IIT Kanpur by its present Director, IIT Kanpur, Prof. Sanjay G Dhande and his team. The same has been detailed by me in my above referred letter dated 30-8-2011. Surprisingly no action has been taken by any of the authorities resulting in more corruption, financial irregularities, harassment/exploitation of honest and dedicated staff and faculty with open hands and without any fear.

    As I was expecting in my above referred letter regarding the recruitment process for different key positions, recently Mr. C P Singh has been appointed as Deputy Registrar ignoring all the rules and regulations. The authorities are so fearless that they are even least bothered to kill the rights of minorities, SC/ST and OBC. There were four senior Assistant Registrars (two from minorities, one from SC community and one from OBC) to Mr. C P Singh. All four senior officers have been ditched and Mr. C P Singh has been given appointment as Deputy Registrar. The selection committee and interview was only a formality. This is not the first time that C P Singh has been given out of turn advantage. His appointment as Assistant Registrar was also illegal and at that time he was not eligible for this post. If a proper enquiry is done, all facts and truth will be revealed. In fact Mr. C P Singh is involved rigorously in mall practicing, financial irregularities, harassing staff physically and criminally to the extent of their service termination/legally threatening and other illegal activities. Those who oppose or dare to open mouth against prevailing corruption in the Institute by Prof. Dhande, Mr. C P Singh as Legal Officer of the Institute, threaten them for imposing illegal charges against them including court case and termination of their services. The legal expenses in the Institute have gone up considerably because of such false cases. Many staff members have been victimized. At present a lot of resentment and fear are there among the staff and faculty. But due to ‘Gundagardi and threatening nobody is ready to come in front and speak. I have tried many times to get support from the employees of IIT Kanpur to support my fight against corruption In IIT Kanpur but they are not ready because of fear of losing their jobs as already some of them have lost the same.

    There are number of civil and criminal cases including kidnapping, rape, life threatening, financial irregularities pending in court against Mr. C P Singh. One heinous criminal case of U/S 364 I.P.C (kidnaping) is pending before the honorable Supreme court of India Case No.2828/2011 (enclosed copy of case status) & District court ACMM 4th Kanpur.

    It is highly disgusting and shocking that how a person of such a background can be given such a senior administrative position. The level of corruption is so high and fearless in the Institute that The Director, Deputy Director, Registrar, BOG members and the Chairman, BOG everybody knows all these facts very well but did not object such illegal appointments.

    The IITs are well known for its fair and impartial selection of candidates through JEE and GATE exams for admission in IITs. If a person having a criminal background and whose integrity is completely doubtful is appointed on key positions in IIT ignoring all rules and regulation willingly, one can imagine what would happen to the system which can damage the career of talented and bright candidates who are the future of this country.

    Now you can understand why I am so concerned about the corruption in IIT Kanpur. On the basis of the above, I request you with folded hands for the followings:

    (1) Do the proper enquiry on prevailing corruption in IIT Kanpur making base of my findings.
    (2) The term of Prof. S G Dhande as Director IIT Kanpur has been completed and he is running on extended period upto 30-6-2012. He should be relieved immediately from the present post of Director, IIT Kanpur.
    (3) If he is still allowed to continue as Director on extended period, he must be stopped to take any major decision including appointments in the Institute.
    (4) Proper inquiry should be made against all appointment made/recommended by S G Dhande in the Institute including the appointment of Superintendent Engineer, Registrar, Deans and other important posts.
    (5) Proper enquiry against the illegal appointment of C P Singh on the posts of Assistant Registrar and Deputy Registrar and his involvement in all illegal activities.
    (6) I/we strongly oppose the human violence of muslims at IIT Kanpur our country needs so many muslims like A.P.J Abdul Kalaam, A.R.Rahman & Others in this context I strongly oppose & going to anshan of 24 hours on 3RD December 2011 10 A.M at IIT Police out post Temple & in future same will be continued, I will compeld to sit for anshan for long period.

    Ravi Prakash Misra

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