Mirchpur Atrocity: Ghost in Judiciary playing Spoil Sport !


The seesion court has no other work than to play a spoil sport and comment on the various Atrocities commited on Dalits across the Country.

The Court, while pronouncing quantum of sentence for the convicts in heinous Mirchpur Atrocity Case, noted that the convicts have been in custody for more than a year. The court also suggested, “The SC/ST POA Act came into existence almost two decades ago and its efficacy needs to be evaluated in the changing socio-economic scenario.”

The court observed, “All atrocities are crimes against humanity. The SC/ST POA Act, 1989 deals with atrocities but restricts its operation to particular groups based upon caste. Just like an offender or a violator of law has no caste, reed, race, sex or religion, neither does the victim. Caste and community-based violence can be prevented by inclusive and interactive political process to subdue the fanaticism of decisive communal thinking.”

The judge added, “What has made me ponder if it was not time that the ‘Atrocities Act’ be made caste-neutral with a provision for uniform punishment for all violators irrespective of caste distinctions. Why this distinction when the crime committed is the same and the victims suffer as much?”


Source: Daily Poineer

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