Anna Hazare Decoded: ‘Gandhi’ History


Please watch the following video made available by Online activist demonstrating the real face of Anna Hazare who consumes Glucose and Electrol during the fast..



3 Responses to “Anna Hazare Decoded: ‘Gandhi’ History”

  1. Mahatma Gandhi was a fraud.
    He used corrupt money to study in UK in 1888

  2. The Govt. should thank Sh. Anna Ji, today, because of him, Govt. could get chance to restore his credibility in masses. It is upto Govt.if It has learnt a lesson or not.If, Still, the Govt. adopt dilly dallying attitude, the awakened public will send it into the be wilderness. It will be Historic Moment of New Change for India, the day when this Bill is passed by the Parliament and Implemented. In number of ways, Anna Ji created History,everybody should salute him.

  1. 1 Anna Hazare Decoded: 'Gandhi' History « Atrocity News | Anna Hazare

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