Salute to Indian Carvar: Invention of New Rice type


Khobragade’s story parallels Dr. Goerge Washington Carver of the U.S.A who had done a staggering amount of work on agricultural plants but had to face a lot of discrimination because he happened to be blackD R Khobragade is a Buddhist ( ex-Untouchable who got converted to Buddhism after Dr Ambedkar) and inventor of High yielding rice variety HMT which Indian is proud of internationally. Following is yet another invetion from DRK.

He has successfully bred the seeds of RICE that has fragrance.

We all salute this Great MAN who  made series of  successful inventions into RICE  without attending any modern laboratories ( As he was never admitted into them due to his caste and lack of money) . He proved yet again that mere  birth or mere color can not limit roles of men, especially in India where Vedas or Shashras unscientifically mark  birth as basis for any role .

Here is the news in local news paper. National Media wont take pains to promote the news as it doesnt get them money.

Pic 01: DRK Mattle

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