Caste Horror Breeds Among Students : Caste virus 002G2011


Dear Readers, Atrocitynews team is informed…

What happened at JK Trust Gram Vikas Yojna, Gopal Training Center, Sumeru Navkar Tirth, Miyagam, Karjan, Distt.- Vadodra (Gujrat) is unbelievable and inhuman !

113 students from Haryana & from nearby States were appeared/invited at the Center to take the Animal Husbandry trainnings. Out of these 113 , 20 students were from Scheduled Castes. On the last day of the event, it was decided to have a photo session of all students. Instructor told all the students to stand together for the photo session but two students denied. Later it is learnt that these two students inisted not taking Group Photo in open with these lower caste (Scheduled Cast) students. Both the students come from Jat Community (upper caste) residing at Kaithal District of Haryana. After the  incident the group photo session was postponed. This is really tragic incident. And now what we must do, please provide us some suggestions.

Hope an early reply!
Sajjan Kumar
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One Response to “Caste Horror Breeds Among Students : Caste virus 002G2011”

  1. 1 DR

    “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees” –Zapata

    Embracing Buddhism has not helped Burakumin in Japan and will not help us.

    Without Reservations we were Uneducated Untouchables.
    With Reservations we are Educated Untouchables.

    We can revoke the 1932 Round Table Conference Resolution and seek Autonomy/Independence/Homeland for 300 million SC/ST community via a Bill in Indian Parliament.

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