Rajastan govt. helpless: Dalits forced to flee


 In a repeat of the Husheypur incident in Alwar district in which members of Dalit community were forced to flee their village, several Dalit families fled from their houses in Chandpur village of Bharatpur district after a violent confrontation with members of a minority community. The Special Task Force (STF) was deployed in the village on Thursday after the minority community members pelted stones at the houses of Dalits. The two communities have been on loggerheads over a land dispute for some time in the village. On Wednesday, a goat strayed in the farm of another community which triggered tension and violent confrontation among the two communities. “At least a dozen members of two communities were injured in the stone-pelting that took place during wee hours on Thursday,” a senior officer of district administration told TOI on Thursday. Many Dalit families have reportedly fled from the village over the past two days.

 According to reports, the stone-pelting took place in the presence of some police and civil officers. “STF personnels have been deputed in the village. The situation is still tense but under control,” the officer said. Asked if any further clashes were reported on Thursday, Madhusudan Singh, inspector general of police, Bharatpur range, said: “Not much happened. The situation is now improving and under control. As a precautionary measure, we have deployed local police and STF in the village.” Chandpur village has a mixed population of Mev and Dalit community

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One Response to “Rajastan govt. helpless: Dalits forced to flee”

  1. 1 Rewrite Quran

    Ambedkar failures include,

    1. 80% Indians are surviving on 20 rupees/day. How can these people vote as per their ‘conscience’ in elections?
    2. What’s the use of reservations? How can SC/ST children go to schools with ’empty’ stomachs?
    3. How can ‘reservations’ solve social mobility issues in Indian society?
    4. Ambedkar failed to ‘measure’ end of Casteism for e.g. number of inter-caste marriages
    5. Ambedkar said 10 years reservations is ‘enough’ to end the Casteism in Indian society
    6. Why hasn’t Ambedkar recommended Govt to issue licensed pistols to SC/ST communities?
    7. Why India is not a ‘direct’ democracy instead of the useless ‘representative’ democracy?
    8. American President retires after 8 years. Ambekar failed to define it for Indian Prime Minister?
    9. British gave autonomy to Muslims/Christians/Anglo-Indians/Sikhs/SC/ST communities in 4th August 1932 Round Table Conference. But Ambedkar failed to take it forward.
    10. Muslims under the leadership of Jinnah ‘refused’ reservations and accomplished autonomy via Pakistan in 1947 itself. Ambedkar failed SC/ST communities.

    “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” — Isaac Newton

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