Mirchpur Caste Atrocity: Court says Delhi (Congress) Govt. supports Jat ‘Khaps’


A day after the Supreme Court came down heavily upon Khap Panchayat members for holding up traffic across Haryana during their stir against the booking of members of the upper-caste community in the Mirchpur murders last year, the trial court on Tuesday warned the accused and their “supporters” against politicising the judicial proceedings by thronging to the court premises without reason.

Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau, who has been hearing the case after the trial was shifted by the apex court, expressed further concern over the “non-serious” approach of the Delhi government in appointing a Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) even a month after being directed to do so.“Either there is a lack of coordination between the Delhi and Haryana governments on the issue of appointment/notification of the SPP to conduct the trial, or this issue does not appear to be the priority of the Delhi government. The manner in which the Delhi government has unduly delayed the appointment for no obvious reason only reflects their non-serious approach to the issue,” said ASJ Lau.

Source: IndianExpress

One Response to “Mirchpur Caste Atrocity: Court says Delhi (Congress) Govt. supports Jat ‘Khaps’”

  1. 1 Rewrite Quran

    Without ‘reservations’ in Supreme Court, there is no no ‘justice’ for BC/SC/ST communities in India.

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