Poor forced walk naked : Jat Adalat Law



Three Dalit youths were allegedly paraded naked by a panchayat for stealing a grass cutting machine at Sonta village here.

Not just that, teh atrocities against Dalits also encompassed a fine of Rs 3,000, which was imposed on Adesh, Ajit and Nitu, all aged between 20 to 25 years, sources said today.

Anil, a farmer belonging to Jat community had approached the community panchayat and complained against the three Dalit men, claiming that they had stolen his machine, the sources said.

According to the trio, a compromise was reached between the two parties yesterday after they confessed to their crime and the panchayat ordered that they be paraded naked and pay the fine.

Police denied receiving any information about the incident.

Source: Indian Express

One Response to “Poor forced walk naked : Jat Adalat Law”

  1. 1 Rewrite Quran

    British sought autonomy for SC/ST communities in 1930 Round Table Conference.
    But they succumbed to the blackmailing of Gandhi/Forward Caste leaders and bribed these communities with ‘reservations’.

    SC/ST community would be 4th largest nation in the world had they sought partition like Muslims did in 1947.

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