Mirchpur Caste Atrocity: Headcrack Jat Khap Panchayat kills Vision India


JIND: The Jat agitation seems to be heading for a showdown as the situation remained fluid at the dharna spot on the railway tracks near Jind railway station on Friday after protesters rejected Haryana government’s move for CBI probe into the Mirchpur caste violence.

The government on the other hand maintained that the agitation was likely to be called off by Saturday morning as the 11-member committee of the Sarv Khap Mahapanchayat, which was leading the agitation, was convinced with the government’s stand on the issue.

Meanwhile, rail services remained suspended for the seventh consecutive day on the Jind-Ferozepur rail section. A section of the agitators also resorted to blockage on highways on three routes- Jind-Gohana, Jind-Hansi and Jind-Bhiwani at various points. Two other squads of protesters also left, late in the evening, to block NH 10 near Hansi.

Earlier, the Haryana PWD minister, Randeep Surjewala, flanked by former MP from Hisar Jai Prakash resumed dialogue with the 11-member committee headed by Nafe Singh on Friday. The leaders showed them documents that the state government had already made a move for handing over the inquiry to the CBI as the notification in this regard had been issued and urged the committee to call off the agitation and to clear the railway tracks.

A seemingly convinced committee went back to the protesters sitting on the railway tracks for consultation. Sube Singh, one of committee members, read out the compromise formula to the protesters and threatened to step out of the committee, if the formula was not accepted by them. However, the protesting people created a ruckus on this precondition and expressed their strong reservation.

The committee member stated they were convinced with government’s move for ordering CBI inquiry and tried to explain to the protesters that the government could do little in the matter of shifting trial of Mirchpur case and the accused back to Haryana from Delhi. ”Since the trial and accused have been shifted to Delhi from trial court in Hisar on the apex court’s directives, Haryana government is helpless in this regard,” Singh stated.

However, majority of the protesters refused to accept the formula and vowed to continue with their dharna until their demands of bringing back the trial and the accused back to Haryana and inquiry by the special investigation team (SIT), while rejecting the proposal for CBI inquiry, are met with.

It led to a brief standoff between the protesters and the committee members, who then announced to disband the committee and urged the protesters to form a new committee.

”We announce to disband the committee formed by the mahapanchayat as we are no longer willing to lead the agitation. But, we still support the agitation and will remain part of the ongoing agitation,” Sube Singh declared.

Suresh Koth, convener of the mahapanchayat, however, stated that the mahapanchayat has been demanding inquiry by the SIT and not CBI. ”No representative from the government has approached us at the dharna spot for discussion. We have rejected any assurance given to a section of people in a close door meeting,” he stated, adding that the dharna would be intensified from Saturday.

Haryana minister Rajdeep Singh Surjewala told reporters that the committee had agreed to their proposal for CBI inquiry and the state government would be filing a petition for the same in a Delhi court soon. The government has put forth all the facts before the mahapanchayat and its committee had agreed to call off the strike. ”We hope the protesters would clear the railway track by Saturday,” he said.

Source: TOI

One Response to “Mirchpur Caste Atrocity: Headcrack Jat Khap Panchayat kills Vision India”

  1. 1 Rewrite Quran

    British gave autonomy to SC/ST communities in 1930 Round Table Conference.
    But they succumbed to the blackmailing of Gandhi/Forward Caste leaders and bribed these communities with ‘reservations’.

    SC/ST community would be 4th largest nation in the world had they sought partition like Muslims did in 1947.

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